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Department of Transport

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Sustainability at Department of Transport

6.6 rating for Sustainability, based on 16 reviews
Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
They seem to be trying, but not overly successful with initiatives. Lots of printing......
Graduate, Melbourne
Projects are very good in minimising environmental footprint. There are many teams within DoT that help with this to reduce the impact we have.
Graduate, Melbourne
Most of the fleet cars are hybrids.
More could be done, but I guess this needs to be up to individuals as well.
Graduate, Ballarat
A lot of paper still gets printed off to be stored in a hard copy archive. Since disposal of paper is done in secured bins or shredded, I have no idea if they would become reusable. I do not know about their energy policy (solar panels, activated lights etc).
Graduate, Melbourne
If they are active in this space, they don't make a big show of it (which would be unusual; they tend to broadcast most of their initiatives).
Graduate, Melbourne
There are some efforts, but they seem more like a PR stunt. We could be innovators in the hydrogen rail economy and really create systemic change however I think the organisation is way too conservative to try these ideas.
Graduate, Melbourne CBD
Always looking for initiatives and technologies to improve.
Graduate, Melbourne