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Department of Veterans' Affairs

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Working Hours at Department of Veterans' Affairs

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
We are required to work 7.5 hours a day. If you work more than that you can save those extra hours as Flex on another day. Very accommodating if you have other tasks to do. You can determine when and how long your lunch breaks are, when you come in and go home.
It is rather flexible, however this is also dependent on your business area and direct supervisor.
Whilst I sometimes work longer hours, I also know that flex-time is always being built up and my supervisors are more than happy for me to take it. I really enjoy what I do so staying back an hour or two occasionally is perfectly acceptable.
7.5 hour days, between 7am and 7pm.
One word: flextime. It's amazing.
I work about 7.5 hours per day for 5 days a week. Working hours are flexible and can be negotiated with my supervisor.
Flex time is always honoured