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Corporate Social Responsibility at DIAGEO

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What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
We have so many platforms where we endorse responsible drinking and educate people on how to enjoy alcohol responsibly. DrinkIQ and our participation in Drinkwise are great examples of this
Our company is constantly focussed on CSR, especially our Supply function in regards to reducing emissions, energy usage and water usage. Diageo is also a proud sponsor of a range of charities such as Youth Off The Streets.
I am an ambassador for our "Drink IQ" programme that promotes responsible drinking by educating people on healthy drinking habits and how to have a safe night out. We run this both internally and externally (to corporates like law firms or NRL teams etc.) and take our commitment to drink responsibly seriously.
Clean water programs in Africa, DrinkIQ programs to encourage safe drinking and training of bar staff to understand products and gain employment