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Application Process & Interviews at DIAGEO

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
For the graduate program there are several stages. Initially there is the standard CV and personal essay. Then you move to a video recorded Q&A online. Finally you have an assessment centre with other finalists where you are given mock scenarios and you have to work collaboratively to come up with solutions.
Quite challenging � a range of online quizzes, online interviews, online test and an all-day workshop with the final graduates
The interview process was quite long, and involved online questioning, online interviews and an all-day assessment
It was a long process with many interviews and it took a long time to get a contract
Culture test online (scenarios and your thoughts/actions); online interview with two industry related questions at the end; assessment centre (full day in the office doing industry related activities with fellow peers)
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
It was less about what I knew and more about how would I handle certain situations and people. I really value that Diageo believes we can be taught anything we need and that we should really just hire based on the ability to problem solve, collaborate, and give/take constructive feedback in high pressure environments.
Business case studies, one-on-one interview about job experience, challenges etc.
We have four different interviews on the assessment day with approximately 7-10 questions per interview
I can't remember specific questions because it was a while ago but I do remember talking about things like strengths/developments, past experience and also things that were not necessarily related to work directly (this was probably a way to determine cultural fit)
We were given scenarios throughout the day of the assessment centre � such as how we would react to different situations with customers, fellow peers and strategy questions related to the future of the company
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Don�t shout just so you�re the loudest in the room. Be a leader/facilitator and be the person that makes sure everyone at the table is being heard. Those are the qualities we look for in candidates.
It would be best to prepare by researching the overview state of the alcohol industry, the Diageo brands and campaigns and the area of work you�re applying for
Know yourself - be candid and open about your strengths and weaknesses and be clear about what you have gained in your past experience and what you will have to offer to Diageo. Being authentic is highly valued (it is one of our 'official' values) and will go a long way.
Confidence � have a chat to people and have a laugh!