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Downer Group

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Culture at Downer Group

8.1 rating for Culture, based on 17 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
A very social company, it is easy to reach out to colleagues for help and workplace politics seems to be minimal.
Relaxed and friendly culture generally within teams. Many opportunities to socialise in and outside of work which develops strong bonds with colleagues. Good networking systems within the company
Good people, but all under a lot of pressure at present, which hampers culture
In general the company is flexible and understanding of commitments. They are super friendly and helpful at all times, been motivated to help you learn. It is an understanding that you get out what you put in with this company.
Downer values a culture of hard work and with a friendly environment.
The work culture is very open. People are approachable and willing to share their experience and insights. You're able to engage relatively easily with senior management. The culture provides an environment that fosters high performance. Work life balance is good. There are varying degrees of socialising outside of office hours depending on the team and the location of the office.
Top performing employees are motivated, optimistic and see opportunities in the company and market. Production staff are hard working. Teamwork is good. Executives trying to inject high performing culture. Good work/life balance (generally). Generally teamwork is good. Not a huge amount of socializing and bonding outside of the office but this does happen in some areas.
The culture is very different across different sites.
very welcoming workplace, personable, down to earth and just all around great people to work with- have found this to be true across several offices and departments there is a large organisational structure and hierarchy given it is such a big company, we have several levels of managers and executives although even the executive leaders are approachable in my experience colleagues don't necessarily socialise that much outside of work besides the occasional work function after hours but definitely go for a coffee or lunch during work hours
Downer has a supportive culture where you can approach and talk to anyone, even when asking for help. There is interaction with high levels of management (specially for the graduate as this is part of their exposure to Downer and the industry). There is a strong focus on safety, delivery, relationships and thought leadership - our pillars.