Culture at Downer Group

Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.

Somewhat silo'ed. Higher focus needs to be on middle-frontline management. Colleagues are relatively social depending on department.
Graduate, Sydney
The culture is perhaps the best part of working for Downer. I would feel comfortable approaching and talking to the CEO if there was an issue for me to raise. People here are friendly and enjoy their work. The structure and hierarchy doesn't create any barriers to communication - I would feel comfortable approaching the CEO and talking to them if there was an issue I wanted to raise. Cooperation and teamwork are encouraged in all projects and generally lead to success. Socialising is encouraged, and I think this contributes to the friendly culture.
Graduate, Newcastle
Trustworthy team and flexible structure. Everyone's very relatable and there's minimal hierarchy with management and the executive board.
Graduate, Sydney
Top performing employees are motivated, optimistic and see opportunities in the company and market. Production staff are hard working. Teamwork is good. Executives trying to inject high performing culture. Good work/life balance (generally). Generally teamwork is good. Not a huge amount of socializing and bonding outside of the office but this does happen in some areas.
Graduate, Melbourne
Work hours are reasonable and I have been encouraged to not work too late. People are supportive and helpful, and yet encourage me to work independently and take high levels of responsibilities. After hours socialization is irregular and infrequent however has been encouraged and people are receptive.
Graduate, Sydney