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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Train modification design for improvements to safety, reliability and availability.
As a power system engineer I am able to practice what I was taught at university in a very practical way including site visits and office work which includes design, review and testing of real world power generation and distribution systems, ranging from small to large projects
My role is quite ad-hoc which can be confusing, but I love the breadth of experience I get
My day-to-day activities change. I have been on the innovation team where we completed projects with universities and launched internal websites; to project coordinating multi-million dollar train overhaul and TLS contracts; to purchasing of goods and strategising operations
Need to talk to lots of people everyday. As a graduate, it is a good opportunity to work with the experts from different fields and different background. Good communication skills and professional engineer knowledge are both important in my role.
My day-to-day responsibilities provide me with challenging work and access to highly capable, senior members of the company who are always happy to provide feedback and genuinely want me to succeed.
Process/Continuous Improvement across projects, Systems Engineering, Data Analytics, liasing with engineers and technicians regularly. The work is challenging and has provided me with the breadth of experience across the Rail business.
guided day to day responsibilities and can get feedback on tasks and the opportunity to be proactive
Conduct analysis on a wide range of business aspects from competitor analysis to industry forecasts.
in a rotation program, currently working on putting together bids for construction projects - going through technical documents, plant design, scheduling and cost
Everyday has new challenges and opportunities to learn but I mainly focus on management accountant and business analyst responsibilities such as cash forecasting, variance analysis, cost allocation and business process improvement.