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Downer Group

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Management at Downer Group

8.1 rating for Management, based on 17 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Most managers are very effective leaders if measured through a general sense of employee engagement.
Very, they are great supports for both my professional development and also any personal issues that may affect how I work
It could improve. Management is not always across the issues at lower levels.
Have a rotational structure job, management changes. I think this is good, as you can get a feel for what management style you like, and thus what manager style you can employ. Generally this has been quite good, and if you seek internal communication, performance feedback etc. they are more than willing to take the time.
Managers are very accessible and make good work mentors. Internal communication is presented very well and performance feedback is encouraged and scheduled.
Depends on the manager. Some provide you with good support, honest feedback and career advice. Managers that I have worked with are open in communication and empower you to drive the work you do. There's also access to senior leaders of the organisation to be your mentor.
You get feedback on your performance and they are accessible
I believe management can be improved in this company. Some managers are very good at management, some are very good in technical & operation concepts. The growth for individuals are essential on different direction.
they are accessible and good mentors but it also depends how much you put into it, you have to take the initiative as well to seek out guidance
Excellent mentors by senior leaders in Utilities.