Sustainability at Downer Group

Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.

Being involved in numerous heavy industries, Downer places a high importance on minimizing our impact on the environment and communities in contact with our work.
Graduate, Sydney
Extremely important. Prizes and awards are given to those individuals and teams which put in effort to reduce the entire companies environmental footprint
Graduate, Newcastle
Posters encouraging recycling and re-selling office equipment that is no longer useful (rather than throwing away)
Graduate, Sydney
Downer has environmental standards which they adhere to. There is also a separate set of environmental principles which Downer staff are required to uphold.
Graduate, Maryborough
Strong emphasis in the projects that we deliver. There is room for improvement at the office level in terms of green initiatives compared to other organisations. The organisation has recently started a new division that is responsible for transforming waste into valuable products.
Graduate, Sydney
It is committed to this area although it's hard when you're involved in mining/coal space
Graduate, Brisbane
Our renewables and power systems business is contributing to a cleaner future through the construction of wind and solar farms.
Graduate, Melbourne