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Working Hours at Downer Group

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
On my worksite, hours are self regulated according to workload. starting and finishing times are highly flexible.
Very, I am able to start each day at a time I choose, as long as I complete my required hours per week. Company is very flexible with taking time off if you have hours saved up etc.
Company is flexible as to when I work which is great. On average I work 50 hr weeks
Hours are flexible, however it is expected that you complete your responsible work, and are available for the set 8 hours a day. However, generally accepted hours may change slightly from onsite workshops to head office (i.e. i work 630-4pm onsite, and 9-5pm if located at head office)
Downer promotes a flexible working arrangement for employees. However, the scope and scale of the jobs Downer engages in naturally requires extended hours from time-to-time.
Generally very flexible. That can either be flexible start/end time and location depending on the team and the work. Depending on the role, there may occasionally be times where you need to do additional hours but are compensated with time off later by agreement with your manager.
quite flexible as long as you meet the deliverables. I can still maintain a good work-life balance
Relatively flexible. Overtime hours are compensated with leaving early depending on manager.
Different sites have different culture
start sometime before 8 am (7:40) finish 4pm to 6pm depending on workload Downer is generally quite flexible with what hours you are in the office as long as you finish your work
The finance month end processes require longer hours than usual (as with any company), but otherwise it would be a standard work week of 38 hours.