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Job Satisfaction at DuluxGroup

8.7 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 7 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
I am in charge of coordinating and distributing national internal communications from head office marketing and sales teams out to the field teams (reps and store staff in both trade and retail businesses), I also develop demonstration material for our reps to train in store team members on our products.
Graduate, Melbourne
There is a great variety of projects and pieces of work that are extremely interesting and rewarding to be a part of. Every role will also have some day-to-day tasks that can be trivial (however no more than any other workplace).
Graduate, Clayton
I have been satisfied with my work as I have been able to go beyond my current job title. I made it clear that I wanted to take on more challenges and this was given to me, which I appreciate. My job is very broad as we a are a small team. I solely manage all POS, events nationally, support Cabot's with campaigns and NPD and brand manage British Paints woodcare.
Graduate, Melbourne
Great room to grow and explore in my role
Graduate, Melbourne
My role at the moment is very rewarding as I am free to do many tasks outside the base responsibility and develop/learn.
Midlevel, Melbourne
My day to day role is a very active, I spend little time sitting at my desk. I support the manufacture process through a combination of laboratory work and communication with my other colleagues in other areas of
Graduate, Melbourne