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Working Hours at DXC Technology Australia

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
I'm contracted to do 37.5 hours every week. Hours are really flexible at CSC including working from home arrangements.
7.5 per day
CSC employees are committed to work for 37.5 hours. CSC provides flexible working hours (this may vary or depend on the nature of projects).
Company is extremely flexible...I work long hours though...normally 70+ (this is my choice)
I usually work around 7.5-8 hour per day (excluding lunch) but this fluctuates based on how busy a bid is. The company is very flexible, you just need to ensure that you meet your responsibilities and the contracted hours per week.
Have control over own schedule, 7.5 hours/day.
Long hours when working on major or critical projects
The working hours are the normal hours you'd expect - and CSC is flexible when it comes to hours. If you work additional hours on a particular day then you can take that time off in lieu at another time.
Very flexible. Can work from home or leave early when necessary
Quite flexible, I often start early so i can learn before 5
Quite flexible, hours worked can fit around tasks assigned
CSC does have a flexible work policy. I come into the office 4 days a week around 9-5, however this can vary during peak periods. I also work from home once a week so it's a good balance.