David De La Cruz Ericsson Graduate Image

David De La Cruz

Monash University
Graduate Business Analyst/Sales Support
David studied Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) Hons and a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science at Monash University

I was attracted to Ericsson's graduate program as it advertised for project management roles at a graduate level. Additionally, they were open to bringing in graduates with different qualifications, which helped me to feel a little more qualified.

I went through the graduate application process and was pleasantly surprised at how it challenged me to identify my value to the company. I also felt that the process gave me better insight into what it is that Ericsson do.

My graduate program was formally structured to encompass 3 rotations over 2 years. I am currently in my 2nd year of the program, and in my second rotation in a sales team. My first rotation was in the TV & Media area of the business.

Ericsson has a large library of online training and information available, as well as offering formal learning sessions and workshops. However, the majority of learning occurs on the job.

I like working for Ericsson because:
1. I learn something every day, from technical knowledge to business practice and acumen
2. I work with cool technology that is exciting and has some real world applications
3. I am challenged to think on my feet and produce quality outputs
4. Ericsson fosters a collaborative environment where you can ask colleagues questions openly, and be introduced to people from all levels of the business.

For me, the most interesting thing about working at Ericsson has been to come into an industry where I know very little, and to still feel like I am adding value to the business through my day to day work and through other endeavours such as internal strategic projects.