Helen Gu Ericsson Graduate Image

Helen Gu

University of Melbourne
Integration Engineer
Helen studied a Bachelor of Science (Electrical Systems) and a Master of Engineering (Electrical) at The University of Melbourne

Before applying for the 2015 Graduate Program, I attended a number of different experience days that were hosted by Ericsson, which gave me a good indication of corporate culture. I decided to apply based on this, as well as Ericsson's global reputation for professionalism, reliability and innovation. I've come through the graduate program and moved to a permanent position in TV & Media as an integration engineer. Typically my day to day involves: conducting testing of various platforms, documentation preparation and executing changes to customer system configuration. I have substituted in for a graduate to conduct radio network testing in Bendigo and travelled to Kuala Lumpur with another graduate in my team to complete an Ericsson certification course. I really enjoy the corporate culture at Ericsson and my team is an extremely talented group of people who are always willing to share their knowledge and help with processes and technical expertise. I love my work and the constant learning I am doing as I take on different aspects of a project and become more technically proficient and I find it very satisfying to see the final product of months of hard work deployed to various customer networks. I would seriously recommend any graduate in the relevant fields to consider Ericsson as a potential employer.