Raniia Nugroho Ericsson Graduate Image

Raniia Nugroho

University of Sydney
Graduate Engineer
Raniia studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) at The University of Sydney

When I initially joined Ericsson, I didn't know how I could contribute to the business. I found that I was often apologetic of the fact that I didn't have a telecommunications background. Even though I am a technically inclined person, I thought I would be more suited to project management roles than engineering roles simply because having to learn about telecommunications from scratch seemed like a daunting task.
To my surprise, I found out that this wasn't true at all. My manager recognized that my skill set would be better suited to a technical role and encouraged that I try working alongside engineers. My first role involved testing. This was perfect since it did not require much technical knowledge, and yet I was able to have a first-hand insight into how the technology works. Everyone I have come across, both locally and remotely, have been very kind and most willing to take some time to teach me and answer my questions. This kind of support makes the transition to a new field possible.
I chose Ericsson mainly for the office culture. From day one, we were told of Ericsson's collaborative work environment and flexible work schedule. I certainly enjoy being able to work at my own pace and being given the trust that I will get the work done on time without having to be in the office at strict 9-5 working hours.