Senior Accountant, Assurance

“Before I started in Assurance I must admit that I had the perception that I would just be sitting at a desk all day looking at numbers. I was so mistaken! Since I started, I’ve worked everywhere from Geelong to Sydney, in sectors from manufacturing to entertainment.  

My favourite job so far was working on an initial public offering (IPO) for a music promoter, who is listing in the UK. This client promotes everyone from worldwide – there were ARIA awards all over the walls!  As the accountant on the project, one of my jobs was helping the client figure out if their ticket sale forecasts were accurate.  I got a sneak peak of which bands will be touring, the venues they’ll be playing and the expected ticket sales. 

I’m a massive music fan, so it was very cool! 

It was a great learning experience – not only for me, but for the client as they’d never been audited before. I had to collaborate with lots of EY colleagues from other service lines, as well as with contacts in the UK. I learnt a lot about what other different parts of our business do.

When a client goes through an IPO, it’s very stressful for the people involved. There’s so much risk and uncertainty. It was good to work alongside the client and give them confidence that they would achieve the best possible outcome. 

What attracted me to EY was the focus on people and the importance placed on living our values, such as integrity and building relationships based on doing the right thing. Earlier this year, my division entered the 24 hour treadmill challenge where we raised money for a local children’s charity. It was so inspiring to see my team’s commitment to raising money and taking part in such a worthy cause.  I was proud to make such a positive impact on the lives of others.  

This year, I’ve been on the Assurance recruitment committee. It was a great opportunity for me – and so rewarding to watch the candidates as they went through the entire interview process and received an offer. I was impressed at how much we got know the individuals during the recruitment process to make sure they’d fit with our culture. 

What I love most about this job is that I get to work with people all the time. I have so many opportunities to learn about a client’s business, identify areas that they can improve and work alongside them.”