Consultant, Advisory

“I’m finding Advisory exciting and unexpected. Talk about changing the way I see the world! I’ve just worked on a 10-week project with a number of government departments to develop a strategy to reduce re-offending. It exposed me to a completely new world and got me thinking about things that I hadn’t previously considered, like: Why do people re-offend? Should offenders be punished or treated for committing a crime?

I started with global literature scan of existing programs and interventions that have reducing re-offending around the world. This included running video conferences with the EY team in the UK who’ve worked on related projects over there – and  investigating criminal justice systems across Europe, Canada, the US and New Zealand. We talked about value chains, procurement and commissioning, as well as the different types of programs that work to reduce re-offending.

I also ran workshops with our steering committee, with representatives from different departments and met people who ran programs for offenders. In the end, I helped to write our final recommendation in a 150,000 word report!

I never thought I’d be working on justice issues and engaging with such a wide range of highly experienced and talented stakeholders. I’ve learned so much!”