Consultant, Advisory

“Within my first few weeks of work I was presenting to the CFO and COO of a $1.2 billion global entertainment company involved with some of my favourite movies. There I was, advising the leaders of one of Australia’s largest and most respected entertainment companies as part of EY’s digital practice. My job was to research how their social media presence compared to global peers – and come up with creative ideas to keep this iconic Australian company relevant to its youthful social media audience.

The client gave us total creative freedom. To help us select options for our recommendations, I set up a project room and created a collage of the coolest ideas from around the globe. We looked at what the organisation was doing across social media across the entire business and how it could be improved. Along the way, I interviewed senior people in the company.

It made me realise that a career at EY involves gaining a deep understanding of a diverse and interesting range of clients and business problems. It also showed me that – right now – I can make a difference. My presentation changed the way this client operates in the digital world. What an amazing opportunity – and such great exposure to global leaders – so early in my career!”