Consultant, Transaction Advisory Services

“As a graduate at EY, I’ve had more exposure to exciting engagements than I could ever have dreamed of. I work in Transaction Advisory Services, assisting our clients with their capital and borrowing needs. Not only do I work alongside small and medium size companies from industries as varied as mining, infrastructure, government, real estate and agriculture, I also engage with a wide range of counterparties including rating agencies, legal advisors, banks and government. 

An interesting engagement I was able to work on in my first few months of joining, was where our team was engaged by an international client to assess the funding options for a new mine and inform their decision making.  This included performing credit analysis of the company and mine based on forecast financials, assessing different funding options for the mine and speaking with potential lenders to understand the markets appetite and likely lending terms they might achieve.

Prior to joining EY, I was active in the health and fitness industry as a sports and health coach. I really enjoyed interacting with people on a daily basis and building strong relationships with my clients. I’ve found that these interpersonal and problem solving skills have really helped me during the Graduate Program. I’ve found EY as a whole and my immediate team to be very open and inviting from my first coffee with a Partner before I started the Vacationer Program to now where my seniors are genuinely interested in my professional and personal development. 

I’ve had heaps of responsibility and really feel I add value to our team. What a great way to start my career!”