Accountant, Assurance

“I’ve had such a wide range of experience in Assurance, working with many clients spanning across the retail, technology and energy sectors. You take a deep dive into a business to find out what makes it tick. 

One of my most exciting clients so far are the people who’ll put Australia’s first, fully-owned satellite into space. This is one of Australia’s fastest growing companies – destined to become a big player in the global communications industry when the satellite launches in 2015. It’s already an EY assurance client, but a senior partner asked me to help out on a pitch to offer the client additional services to help with controls and compliance as their business expands. 

I went to the client’s offices: there were satellite models and pictures everywhere.  I felt I was part of something important and exciting.

I got to brainstorm with senior partners about how we can help this client achieve its strategic objectives. It was amazing! I was being asked to come up with ideas and ways to help secure a client’s operational and financial future. I collaborated with our IT Risk Assurance team who updated me on risks in the global IT environment. Then I came up with a way to present our ideas to the client’s board of directors. 

It was a fantastic opportunity.  The senior EY leaders encouraged my ideas – and let me challenge theirs! – and welcomed my thoughts on the final presentation. It really made me see that, even though I’m just starting out, my work is just as important and valuable as anyone else’s in the firm – at all levels.”