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Andrew Martin

I absolutely believe that people with different backgrounds can get into a technical development role.

Tell us about your educational and tech background.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Sciences with majors in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. As my course offered several programming courses, it allowed me to gain some technical skills and be able to work in a few front-end development job roles. I enjoy coding for fun and writing scripts in my spare time.

Why did you decide to join FDM?

Prior to joining FDM, I had missed out on roles for not having a software development or computer science degree. FDM offered a way into the tech industry and their Software Development Program allowed me to develop my technical acumen.  

What are your responsibilities on client site?

I am in a full stack role as a Software Engineer which primarily involves coding pages from wireframe designs, adding functionalities and general code implementations. On top of this, everyone in my team must participate in daily stand ups and sprint meetings.

What is the highlight of your role?

I enjoy coding functionalities for our systems, especially if it requires some deep thought and problem solving as it makes it even more satisfying when I arrive at a solution. I am also fortunate enough to be in a team with four other FDM consultants which adds a sense of familiarity in the workplace. Everyone is super approachable, and they are always willing to help which creates a great social and work environment.

Could someone with a different background be able to do your role?

I absolutely believe that people with different backgrounds can get into a technical development role. For some perspective, the members in my team come from varying degrees - Applied Maths and Statistics, Electrical Engineering, IT and Mechatronics.

What are 3 pieces of advice you would give yourself when you were a student?

I had my doubts about my maths degree given that I wanted to pursue a career in software development. Being told the following would have really helped:

  • You can get a software development role with a maths degree or any degree for that matter. If you have the passion, you will get there.
  • Find time to do some coding and find time to love it.
  • Get some job interviews, it will be good practice. You may not land the role, but you will get the experience which will be beneficial for the next interview.