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Chetan Parwate

My name is Chetan Parwate, I am born and brought up in India. I completed my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Right from my childhood I am always excited about the activities that involves bit of technical, analytical and sense of judgement to get the best possible results (e.g. sports!). And I believe that trading is a profession where other than these attributes, it demands a highly mathematical bent of mind, quick decision making abilities and inclination to take risks on an everyday basis. All these qualities inspired and motivated me to take a deep dive and explore the financial markets.  And drew me towards becoming a trader!

There are many things about Flow Traders that I find appealing. Being a relatively new firm compared to its peers, one of the most differentiating factor is that of flat management structure that gives a sense of freedom and increases approachability and chances of interaction with the field-experts. In addition to these, at Flow Traders work allocation is a pull-based system i.e. majorly personally driven rather than imposed by others. I feel that it gives everyone sufficient time to gain confidence and become masters of their work. Flow Traders’ commitment towards its employees with respect to retention and shaping provides security and this definitely instills confidence among them. Still in its evolving phase Flow Traders is bagging the front spot in the ETPs market which proves the evidence of the quality of work that is being done here!

Joining as a Junior trader involves learning from the scratch, be it educational or operational and that’s what makes things challenging, exciting and innovating! As rightly said by Uncle Ben ‘With great power comes great responsibility!’ as soon as you develop these powers you will start playing an important role in decision making with the fellow senior traders. To make the transition phase smoother I got training at the main office i.e. Flow Traders, Amsterdam for six months wherein the main target was to learn the basics about the products and markets both on paper as well as in trading environment. During this period I got an opportunity to interact with few of the best traders on the floor that definitely proved inspirational and intellectually stimulating to me. In my opinion the best thing for a trader is to know what he doesn’t know, holding the same belief by my fellow senior traders, they have always helped me to understand and learn new things lucidly. In my experience, questions asked have never gone untreated; this act of querying is at-times painful but satisfying and boosting in the long run.

Apart from work there is not even a single day when we don’t’ engage ourselves in some leisure activities! Playing football on Tuesdays (just to have few beers afterwards J), game of pool, TT, foosball (the list is endless!)  We also go twice a year on company trips to some really nice and exotic places! e.g. Sweden, Bali. Other than theses we all are enthusiastic and strictly attend the major events happening in Singapore e.g. Formula One.  Unfortunately, if we are out of options we just sit and relax at our office bar, drinking few beers and enjoying the magnificent view of Singapore from 39th floor.