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Candy Tong

Understanding your personality is important! If you have attention to detail, an inquisitive mindset and love problem-solving, you should try out forensic accounting at FTI Consulting!

What's your job about?

FTI Consulting provides deep expertise and a breadth of services to help clients solve their issues.

I work in the Forensic and Litigation Consulting division, where I undertake dispute advisory and forensic accounting services work. We apply accounting principles to solve legal and corporate issues, such as disputes between parties, loss claims, and business valuations.

Day-to-day work depends on the projects that I am involved in. At FTI Consulting, managers involve graduates at every stage of the project so they can gain a good insight into the industry. Typically, at the start of the project, the team will focus on reviewing documents and the information provided, analysing as much as possible to get the full picture of the case. We then perform further analysis and calculations accordingly, using software such as excel. There are discussions with clients before we provide our opinion in writing.

Apart from individuals and corporates, we often work with lawyers and the courts.

What's your background?

Growing up in Hong Kong, I completed my IB at a college in Italy. I then moved to Melbourne for university. I participated in two overseas programs during my Bachelor’s degree and had two internships before starting with FTI Consulting as a grad.

I applied to FTI Consulting as a part-time intern whilst I completed my last semester at the University of Melbourne. I have been with FTI Consulting for about 1.5 years.

I had not known there was a field called “Forensic Accounting” until I learned about fraud discovery when volunteering for an NGO! The area fascinated me, and since that time, I explored how to get into this field after graduation. 

Why FTI Consulting?

I knew that I was interested in forensic accounting during my last year at university, but I was unsure if I suited the field. Therefore, I was hoping to find a part-time role that I could do whilst I completed my degree. When I saw that FTI Consulting, which is a very respected firm in the industry and a listed company on NYSE, was recruiting for part-time interns, I gave it a go.

What is the most rewarding about your job?

I love how much my job requires me to analyse, both critically and independently, and how I can use my knowledge to contribute to solving client issues. Our impact on our clients is very visible.

What has been challenging?

While the work is very rewarding, it can be a steep learning curve as every project is different, and new skills are required to complete each project. The role, in general, requires great attention to detail and the ability to digest information quickly. There are often tight deadlines requested by clients.

What support is given to you?

FTI Consulting provides a coach and a buddy to help you navigate both the organisation and the work you do, especially when you first join through the graduate program. There are regular training sessions to help you improve your skills and efficiency at work. The team is friendly and approachable and happy to help you when you have questions.

What advice would you give current students interested in working for FTI Consulting?

Understanding your personality is important! If you have attention to detail, an inquisitive mindset and love problem-solving, you should try out forensic accounting at FTI Consulting!



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