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Chloe Dizon

7.30 AM

The alarm is ringing, time to get up! I’m not a morning person at all so it’s definitely a struggle getting out of bed. However, it’s straight into the bathroom to wash my face and get ready for the day. Every morning starts with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a small snack to kick start the day. If I’m working from home, I’ll use some of the time to watch the news or do some chores. If I’m heading into the office then it’s into the car and off I go!

9.00 AM

Time to start work! The first thing I do is check my calendar, read new emails and plan out my day. My team uses a shared planner app that tracks each task we are assigned on, so I’m usually scrolling through this and updating my tasks. I also like to keep my own daily to-do list where I write down specific goals I want to be done for the day and allocate time to them depending on my calendar. 

Chloe Dizon Workstation

9.30 AM

It’s time for my daily team meeting! I have a pretty small team so this is a time to catch up with each other. We chat about a range of things both work-related (tasks we are doing for the day, blockers we have, what we need help with), and non-work-related (new games we are playing, tv shows we are watching, weekend plans). It’s the perfect way to start a day, making sure that our team is on track with some fun along the way.

10.30 AM

Meeting time! If I have the chance, I love to schedule the majority of my meetings in the morning so I can leave any personal work for the afternoon. Today my team is preparing for an upcoming Human-Centered Experience Design (HXD) workshop. Preparation for these workshops includes creating business challenges and personas depending on the customer challenges and creating a screenplay detailing each activity and how long it takes on the actual workshop day. Today we are “dry-running” the workshop, that is pretending we are running the workshop with the team to see if there are any timing issues or activities that do not fit the workshop plan. This is important to not only find any possible flaws but also allows us to practice our facilitation skills for the actual workshop day. 

Fujitsu Graduate Chloe Dizon meeting

The Digital Transformation team at Fujitsu run these HXD workshops with customers to define their business goals and discover innovative solutions together. We use a mixture of cutting-edge technologies and hands-on activities to ensure our workshops are tailored to our customers' needs while also keeping the process exciting and fun! Originally these workshops were held in our Digital Transformation Centre located in Macquarie University, but now we offer these workshops virtually as well. The move to virtually provide workshops was very different for me – being someone who never turned their video on during calls or even owned a webcam at home. But having now facilitated many virtual workshops, I can now say I’m much more comfortable showing my face online and have had many great learning experiences from doing so!

12.00 PM

With our workshop practice now complete, it’s time for lunch! Today I’m having leftovers from last night’s dinner. It’s times like these where I miss being in the office and so close to the shopping centre as I would usually quicky pop over with some friends, buy lunch, have a quick chat and maybe even do some quick shopping. 

1.00 PM

With a full belly, it’s now time to catch up on any work I have to do! One of my key interests is UX Design and today I’m mocking up a mobile application for one of our partner companies. This involves ensuring users encounter positive experiences when interacting with the application by designing it in a way that is easy to use, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. Today, I have received some new assets from the graphic designer so it is time to add these into the mockup and ensure they are on-brand and placed correctly for a pixel-perfect design that is easy for the developers to understand and re-create. 

2.30 PM

Time for a coffee/tea break! At home, this is usually accompanied by biscuits and a quick chat with whoever’s home that day. In the office my team would usually use this time for informal catchup, non-work related, where we would chat or even play a quick game to freshen up for the rest of the day.

Fujitsu Graduate Chloe Dizon coffee

3.00 PM

We are at the home stretch now! This is the time for any last-minute meetings I might need for the upcoming days or to catch up on any tasks. Today I’m working on some process improvement tasks for the team. This involves using Microsoft’s Power Platform to create an easier way to receive, store, and report on our HXD workshop data. I’m currently creating a flow that enables the data on our Sharepoint lists to send calendar invites and email updates on Outlook. 

5.00 PM

It’s logging off/home time! Time to clear the head with some exercise. Maybe I’ll visit the gym, or head to the dance studio, or walk the dog. Whatever it is, I love ending my workday with some exercise and fresh air to keep productive and stay healthy.

Fujitsu Graduate Chloe Dizon end of day

6.00 PM

Time to create a feast for dinner! I love to cook dinner each night (whether it’s a quick 20 min meal or an elaborate dinner I started earlier in the day) as a way to take my mind off the day while also getting a meal. Afterwards, it’s time to catch up with social media, watch a show or play a game. 

10.00 PM

Sleep time! Time to rest and freshen up for the day ahead!