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John Briones

4.30 AM

Bright and early, snoozing doesn’t work for me so once that alarm goes off I’m awake and if not I’ve found dunking yourself in cold water does the trick. One of my goals going into the New Year is to be more active and that’s exactly why I’m up! I get up, grab my bag, have my pre-workout and head to the gym. Lucky the gym is only 10 minutes down the road and at 5 am? You’d be crazy to be up that early just for the gym. 

7.00 AM

Get back home have a blueberry bagel, relax a little and prepare for the day. If I’m going into the office I make sure that I prepare anything I need the night before – backpack, lunch and attire for the day. One last check on traffic, 2000s music and off to work we go!

Fujitsu Graduate John Briones coffee

8.30 AM

Love the traffic in Sydney, a little early but it’s good to be ahead before things start to get busier. I grab a coffee, wake up the laptop (has a better sleep than me) and go through emails that may have come through yesterday afternoon or overnight. Other Graduates start to trickle into the office and we have a short chat before we realize our “short chat” is getting dangerously close to our 9 am meetings.

10.00 AM 

The daily stand-up call with my team kicks off at 10 am. This daily stand up is a great way for us to catch up, track our progression, identify our goals for the week and raise questions. I note down tasks assigned to me and begin to plan out the best approach in completing them, the majority of which are in the customer’s environment. One of my daily tasks is tracking incidents raised by the customer, so emails that come through over the day are updated on our tracking log as well as Fujitsu’s ServiceNow.

Today I have been assigned to raise a change request for the customer. The change is targeting around 1,000 users with the aim to resolve an ongoing issue and close off a high number of incidents. My team has had experience in raising change requests but have given me the opportunity to raise the change myself as it would be a good experience and great exposure for me. I no doubt had many questions at first but with the support of my team and dozens of questions later I was able to raise the request.

12.00 PM

Lunchtime! Some of the Grads from my cohort and Grad Alumni pull together a couple of tables so that we can sit and have lunch together, whilst remaining social distanced of course. The social aspect and support for each other is a great part of the Graduate Program!

Fujitsu Graduate John Briones workstation

1.00 PM

Daily call with the customer to track our progression. The call begins and I’m being called up! A bit nervous but it’s a good thing that I came prepared. I have my own excel document of our incidents that dates back to when they were first raised by the customer. We discuss how they are tracking from our side (Fujitsu) and our actions to resolve them for this customer. As we move closer to the end of the project we have fewer incidents now so we are able to end the meeting half an hour early.

As the last customer meeting of the day has finished early I have time to study for a certification that is included in one of my personal development goals. I read over the notes that I have made and complete a few practice exams before going over what I need to improve on. 

3.00 PM

Tea or coffee, a light snack to refuel and a quick chat with the other Grads to see how they are doing and discuss upcoming work assigned to them. Usually, I don’t have too many meetings late in the afternoon, so I focus on making sure I stay ahead by finishing off what I had noted down on my to-do list at the start of the day.

Fujitsu Graduate John Briones meeting

4.30 PM

I wrap up my day by finishing up with a quick summary of actions, adding any to-do tasks for tomorrow in my diary and completing final checks on any emails or messages that came through recently.  I double check I haven’t left anything on the table and say a farewell to any Grads and colleagues that are staying a little longer. 

Fujitsu Graduate John Briones end of day

5.30 PM

The drive home feels a lot shorter when you’re taking in podcasts or some R&B throwbacks. If I can, the gym will be the next stop and despite how busy it gets there’s always time to squeeze in a quick cardio session.

7.00 PM

Finally, I get home and unwind. I lay down, play some music before getting up to make dinner and meal-prepping for tomorrow. 

9.30 PM

Soothing shower before bed before setting my alarm, quick catch up on the socials before ending the night with an anime (Jujutsu Kaisen) and tucking myself into bed to get a good rest before the next day.