Management at GE

How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.

Manager’s schedules are extremely tight, but they still manage to make very decent time for me to engage with them. They are very interesting people and make great mentors.
Intern, North Sydney
Managers are highly accessible, frequently opt-in to mentorship programs and run events to discuss what they are currently working on in the business.
Graduate, Melbourne
As a graduate, I have great exposure to the CFO and other senior leaders.
Graduate, Melbourne
Managers in your team are very approachable.
Intern, Melbourne
Internal communication can at times be unclear.
Intern, Sydney
Fairly well. A lot of the senior management team are just walking around the office.
Intern, Sydney
Very accessible, have mentoring programs set up & frequent roundtable discussions.
Graduate, London