Training & Personal Development at GE

Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.

We have done basic pitch-out training that was piggy-backed on the other grad-program. I would like to see more pitch-out training dedicated to our program.
Intern, North Sydney
As part of our first six months in the grad program we travel to Shanghai for an intensive two-week training program. This focuses on both technical accounting/finance training, interaction with senior leaders and development of soft skills.
Graduate, Melbourne
We are exposed to so much training including technical and soft skills training both locally and training conducted internationally.
Graduate, Melbourne
Plenty of development programs e.g. personal branding session, pitching skills session.
Intern, Melbourne
Professional development, networking, pitching, personal brand development.
Intern, Sydney
It's been good and interesting. There has been a range of different skill workshops.
Intern, Sydney
On my graduate program, I have a three-month program on ‘Foundations of Finance’ with two weeks in Shanghai, one week overseas training in controllership then six separate courses on other finance specialties including commercial finance, supply chain etc. Also, leadership training in the US.
Graduate, London
Programs are good but can sometimes be overkill.
Graduate, Sydney