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Working Hours at GE

8.7 rating for Working Hours, based on 10 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
I can work to any schedule I like, provided I provide the outcome I need to and engage with the company as needed.
Can work from home which is great!
My work hours� change depending on the time of the year. There are some periods when it is particularly busy and longer hours are required, but then during quieter periods we are encouraged to reduce our hours as compensation. The company is flexible in that if you have appointments, other commitments, etc., they are very understanding. Further, we can work from home if need be to accommodate other aspects of our life.
Very much dependent on the manager.
Very flexible. Able to work from home etc.
Very flexible work hours, very result oriented.
Very flexible. I can work from home/any other office location.
Depending on your manager, very flexible with hours if the work gets done, including working from home arrangements. Busy periods dictate long hours though.
I have a flexible work schedule that accommodates my lifestyle and as a result makes me happy.