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Culture at Gilbert + Tobin

8.6 rating for Culture, based on 25 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
The culture in the firm is good. It could be improved with more guidance and mentorship but everyone in the team is busy and perhaps does not have time to mentor. There are some people in the team who are willing to put the time and effort in and that is much appreciated and has been invaluable to my professional growth.
Structure and hierarchy are unusually flat and egalitarian. Cooperation and teamwork are actively encouraged, and there is a real focus on mutual respect and trust.
The hierarchy is not very stringent - everyone from the support staff through to the partners get of extremely well. I would feel comfortable chatting to anyone in the office over a cup of tea or a glass of wine. The teams are very cooperative and not at all competitive - everyone works together to get the best result for our clients. We have drinks every Friday and a hot meal with drinks once a month. We have Christmas and EOFY parties. The individual teams have additional lunches and dinners on top of the office-wide social events.
Work hard play hard. Minimal hierarchy - some matters are only run by a partner and a grad/junior lawyer. Strong social bond between colleagues.
I think there could be more socialising amongst colleagues - especially from the guys. There isn't as much hierarchy and the partners listen to what you have to say.
Colleagues often have lunch together and meet as friends outside of work, structure is quite flat with open plan layout giving access to partners and senior associates, work intensity is always high and busy with a sense of urgency but appropriate time is made for socialising, breaks and support.
The culture is excellent, during the day I mix often with people of all levels, who are always respectful and friendly. There are plenty of opportunities to get together outside of work and meet people from across the firm. These are not always over drinks too, which provides for healthier interactions around events like the city 2 surf and cycling charity days out.
I feel that my workplace has a relatively flat structure, my managers are approachable and while the team works hard they are also sociable and supportive
The work culture involves strong teamwork between partners and juniors. Partners are willing to take time to answer questions and explain complex concepts in detail. The firm is great from a social perspective.
The office culture at the firm is excellent, especially in my practice group. In terms of structure/hierarchy, I don't feel like partners can't be approached, there is a good level of cooperation and teamwork from lawyers at all levels, and there are plenty of formal and informal opportunities to socialise with colleagues
In office: efficient, friendly, communicative. after hours: enjoy socialising, informal. structure and hierarchy: very little hierarchy and bureaucracy. cooperation and teamwork: in my practice group, very fluid work delegation across all members, good with giving feedback. socialising among colleagues: it is very encouraged, and people are close while still being inclusive
No real hierarchy, approachable, inclusive, hard-working but friendly, fun and down-to earth, forward-looking and adaptable
Non-hierarchical and entrepreneurial (as much as a law firm can be). Lots of opportunities for junior lawyers to show initiative. Not much socialization on weekends but some after-work drinks in certain teams.
In general, people are friendly and cooperative. There are plenty of social events and there's normally a pretty good turn out so it's easy to get to know your colleagues. On the whole, some teams are much nicer and more welcoming than others - can be 'clicky' sometimes.
The firm has a flat structure which enables juniors to work directly with senior lawyers and partners, which is extremely beneficial for development and career growth. The firm has a range of fun and varied social activities including sporting teams, book club, themed drinks and wellbeing initiatives such as mindfulness and yoga classes.
Open plan structure, friendly colleagues, inclusive
Flat structure; highly collegiate; highly social; ambitious
Relatively flat hierarchy, not too siloed so I get a good mix of work, quite a lot of teamwork, very social
Brilliant - very meritocratic, flat structure; get along well with colleagues socially
The firm has a very vibrant culture. STRUCTURE AND HIERARCHY The firm has a very flat and open structure. It is completely acceptable and appropriate for young graduates to work directly with partners on certain pieces of work, and lawyers of all levels work directly with partners pretty much all the time. Younger graduates and lawyers can work for many different senior lawyers and partners just by asking around. SOCIAL Many of the employees get breakfast, lunch and dinner together multiple times a week, particularly the young ones at the clerk, paralegal and graduate level. The young ones also tend to go away together for a long weekend at least once every year. There are social sport events every week (such as indoor soccer, basketball and netball), and there are social drinks and food events multiple nights a week.