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Diversity at Gilbert + Tobin

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Please provide further information on diversity with respect to women, ethnic minorities and LGBT. Please comment on issues such as recruitment, retention, promotion, child care, maternity leave, etc.
We have been at or near the top of the industry for female employees and partners, and have many initiatives including a pro bono commitment to indigenous issues, Women@G+T, OUT@G+T etc. which provide networking and social opportunities for diverse groups.
Gilbert + Tobin has one of the highest ratios of female partners of the big law firms in Australia, and was this year named 'Outstanding Law Firm of the Year' in terms of employment for women. It is also very supportive of its LGBTI employees - it has a program called OUT@G+T, and recently announced its support for the 'yes' campaign in the upcoming marriage equality survey. G+T also has a cadetship program for Aboriginal law students.
Lots of women. But trying to get more men in
There are part-time opportunities for parents, maternity leave entitlements and a very welcoming environment for LGBT people. Recruitment program in place for indigenous cadets and work experience. The organisation prides itself on diversity inclusion.
Constant focus of the firm, G+T is and always has been market leading in these areas
G+T is very pro-active in this space, and I am proud of this
Women: very encouraging of women-focused initiatives and issues ethnic minorities: seems supportive, with a good inclusive mix of cultural and linguistic backgrounds in the firm (although I am not an ethnic minority, so less able to judge) LGBT: clearly very supportive - one of the few firms that has openly supported marriage equality, well established LGBT groups and initiatives. recruitment: seems like a diverse selection of gender sexuality and ethnic backgrounds retention/promotion: less women at senior levels, although this is something many firms need to focus on. child care: working for two senior lawyers that fit in work around 3 kids, very flexible with part time options, both leave the office by 7 the latest, and work very hard, but it seems the firm supports them with that. pro
Indigenous cadetship program and a reconciliation plan. Higher level of female partners than most law firms.
Diversity training is provided by an external firm and of high quality. Female representation in partnership and leadership is much higher than at most other firms (and the majority of the workforce is female). Never seen any overt discrimination in the workplace- it's a tolerant environment.
High proportion of female partners; active OUT group for people who identify as LGBTIQ and their allies.
Very inclusive and open.
Multiple programs for LGBTI, indigenous, etc; paternity and maternity leave; pro bono programs.
Great re LGBTI, lots of women, commitment to indigenous Australians.
Strong commitment to all aspects of diversity.
What does your company do to attract applicants from less privileged backgrounds?
G+T works with Telstra to create and support legal internships for indigenous graduates (among other initiatives).
Indigenous cadetships
The firm hires in very wide reaching ways, which can be through cadet programs, or by going outside the linear clerk process to find the right people
Not sure. It would be good to know there is some sort of unconscious bias training/blind applicant reviewing, as well as particular spots and positive discrimination, for recruitment to ensure we are not just picking people from privileged positions.
Cadetship program for Indigenous university students