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Job Satisfaction at Gilbert + Tobin

8.4 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 26 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
I get quite a bit of responsibility and exposure to stimulating work. My daily responsibilities include drafting, reviewing, working collaboratively on projects.
I perform the role of a junior member of a high-performing legal team. This includes due diligence, research and drafting (among other responsibilities).
As a graduate, you work directly with partners and senior lawyers on important matters every day. I do a lot of drafting - court documents, submissions, pleadings, affidavits, letters, etc. I also attend court and client meetings regularly.
Valuable contributor to all matters, drafting and reviewing docs, correspondence with clients and other lawyers, DD
I am given lots of autonomy. The client calls me up to ask questions. The partner trusts me. In control of my work to an extent.
Work is of a good level of difficulty with not too much responsibility so as to be overwhelming. Very varied work which is stimulating.
Often getting to interact with clients and to take ownership of parts of large matters, or whole small matters. Getting to make suggestions on approach and contribute ideas and new solutions
I am often given tasks above a graduate level but I am supported and enjoy this work
Drafting correspondence and advice, legal research, commercial research, taking notes at meetings.
I have largely enjoyed the variety of work I have been exposed to as a grad, I would like a bit more responsibility in some matters (but understand this is not always practical), and some of the responsibilities can occasionally be a bit tedious (although generally the broader matters are very interesting)
varied tasks, from writing advice memos to researching case law and its application to client situations, to summarising industries and clients for authorisation submissions.
Provided with a range of highly interesting work, play a large role in a deal
A good level of responsibility and autonomy for a junior lawyer
The quality of work that I've been given has been so far approximately in line with the work that other grads have been given at other firms.
I am involved in a wide variety of work on a range of matters, including legal research, drafting advice, preparing contracts for execution, business development, mentoring and pro bono work.
Drafting documents, research, reviewing documents
Drafting documents and correspondence, attending court
work is at a level above what can be expected; ability to run transactions, discuss concepts directly with clients
Sometimes I feel like I'm in a bit over my head but that's better than too easy. Drafting affidavits, briefs, research memos
Can depend day-to-day but generally happy, particularly with the level of responsibility/ownership given