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How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
The lawyers that I work with on matters with have acted as my mentors. The mentors who were assigned at the beginning of my graduate rotation appear to be busy so therefore I have not gained much of value having formal mentors assigned. It would also be useful to get more performance feedback.
Feedback is not always provided, which may be an area of improvement. Otherwise, communication is excellent and the level of collaboration and access to mentors is wonderful.
My supervising partner is a fantastic mentor. He will always take the time to explain what I'm supposed to be doing, and where it fits into the bigger picture. He always ensures I am CC'd in all the emails so I can see where the work I did ended up. He always provides prompt feedback, and is happy to answer any questions I have, regardless of how directly relevant they are!
Senior management give good feedback and are approachable and great people to learn from.
Not much hierarchy so interact with you all the time
Management are in many cases the partners who are working alongside you in the trenches. They are extremely good mentors and are good at communication, feedback and recognition, subject to extreme time-constraints duet to the nature of their work.
My partner stops by daily for a chat, and is happy to be approached with questions, the open plan office really encourages the most senior and most junior levels to interact multiple times a day.
My manager has been an excellent mentor, I have received useful feedback and I feel that my my hard work is recognized.
My anecdotal experiences with managers have generally been good. While partners are often very busy and not always available, the time I have had with them has been very beneficial. One of the senior lawyers assigned as a mentor to me was incredibly busy, which has limited the feedback they have given me - I know this is not always controllable, however it has been a little disappointing.
The managers are incredibly accessible and are great mentors who give a lot of feedback. internal communication: open communicating, with group-wide emails and partners setting the informal, fun tone. performance feedback: kindly take the time to show revisions to work I have done. praise/recognition: always thanked for the work I do.
Very approachable and down to earth.
Non-hierarchical structure makes for easy access to managers. There is a bit of an issue with the firm feeling very Sydney-centric sometimes.
Informal feedback is good and regular. Juniors often work closely with Partners and get good learning experience from that.
Most of the managers (partners and senior lawyers) sit in open plan, which makes them easily accessible to junior lawyers. Managers are very generous with their time and really take the time to ensure that juniors understand the transaction / matter and how their work relates to the overall transaction.
Significant performance feedback at several levels; very accessible senior management.
Great level of accessibility to senior lawyers and partners.
Very accessible and all the partners and senior lawyers I have worked with have been very intelligent and good with providing professional feedback.