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Salary at Gilbert + Tobin

8.2 rating for Salary, based on 26 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
Quite fair and reasonable.
Having been a student for 6 years, I was just thrilled to be making a proper salary! But the firm is generally known for paying very well, particularly for high-performers. As well as the salary, Gilbert + Tobin also pays for College of Law, admissions and your annual practicing certificate - so you can add about $10,000 in benefits to your graduate salary.
Considering the hours we work, we should earn more, especially at the junior level. Also, considering the profit the firm is making, our bonuses should be greater.
As a grad you don't get paid bonuses. You also don't get paid overtime when you are working overtime every single day. The pay is really low when you look at it on an hourly basis.
Not very aware of bonus scheme or if they are available to me at this stage or into the future. Pay appears to be market and is satisfactory.
They pay very fairly, I cannot fault them here.
Pay is near the top of the market
It has one of the better rates going round for graduates.
The pay is very generous and the bonuses - flights and accommodation to different offices, lunches, food at work and taxis home when needed, city2surf registration covered - are so appreciated. It would be great though to have discounts on more regular exercise-related things eg yoga classes/netball group (we have a soccer one, but that is less female friendly than touch/netball).
Pay is still at top of the market. Bonuses and the criteria on which they are awarded are discretionary and this can bring a bit of uncertainty if you are chasing one.
Pay is higher than all competitors in Melbourne so I can't complain but I think in general that entry level legal pay is lower than it should be when measured against comparable professional services industries. So in a relative sense I'm satisfied but in an absolute sense I'm not
Employees are very well looked after and usually paid above the market.
Very competitive
There is a lack of transparency about remuneration reviews and bonuses. No one understands what indicators determine remuneration increases or bonuses.
pay is the best in the market at my level; bonuses do not exist in my current role
Good, can't complain
well paying as compared to the market
I think the pay is great, and probably very high compared to others in the market at the same level.
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
Firm-wide monthly drinks, group meeting tea
Dinners and taxis after 8pm are really important in backing up with consecutive long workdays.
If you work past 8pm, the firm will pay for your dinner and a taxi home. They will also pay for any networking events you want to attend.
Taxis, breakfast, dinner, work location, quality of office and facilities
Taxi's and dinners when staying late for client work. I got to go to Diggers & Dealers in Kalgoorlie. Always offered to attend networking events.
Taxis home after a late finish, occasionally meals at a partner's election, e.g. if staying late working over dinner time and they are working with you.
The firm offers a lot of discounts on various tickets and packages through the service team, who are always expanding their range. The bike and exercise facilities and changing rooms are fantastic, providing towels, assigned lockers and showers, which makes cycling and running to work or exercising at work painless
There are a number of perks including discounted movie tickets/flights/gifts etc, the firm will pay for your cab home if you stay past 8pm.
A $300 Christmas voucher, dietary requirement-friendly lunches at every lunchtime training (usually 1 a week), covering the City 2 surf registration fee.
Free meals, drinks, events
Regular social events that are fun and different, dinner and taxis home after 8pm, subsidised event tickets, free tickets to footy (if unclaimed for client use)
Free fruit and biscuits.
Free Medallion Club tickets to the AFL all season and other sporting events available; free dinner when working late (Ubereats, deliveroo, etc)
Constant supply of fresh fruit, biscuits, snacks, coffee machine; we can order Uber Eats for dinner / taxi home if we work late; discounts on gym memberships at Virgin Active and the Hyatt
Corporate expense card - to be used for dinner and taxis but if with clients there is some scope to spend on general client entertainment; company mobile phone
Taxis after 8pm, sparkling water on tap, good selection of biscuits
Discretionary spending on corporate Amex
The food: free breakfast, fruit, biscuits, tea, instant coffee and chocolates every day.