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Training & Personal Development at Gilbert + Tobin

8.5 rating for Training, based on 25 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Training programs were good - however I had missed many because the team was busy.
Training is varied, regular and interesting.
Gilbert + Tobin has specific graduate training, to teach you the various basic skills you need - both in terms of technical legal skills and in terms of business skills. The first week when you start as a graduate is spent doing training at the Sydney office. There are other training opportunities in Sydney during the year as well. There is also training available to the whole firm, which might cover skills like networking, talk about new changes in the legal profession (e.g. how a new judgement will impact us or our clients), or about general industry changes (e.g. artificial intelligence).
All trainings are excellent. They're relevant and consistent
Very good graduate level training, as well as specialised training for juniors in particular department and ongoing professional development at lunch-time, breakfast and other sessions.
The firm has provided me with training an increasingly relevant skills that are not mentioned at uni, like data visualisation, AI systems and is paying for me to convert my Irish law degree and qualify in Australia.
The training programmes are generally pretty good, although sometimes I feel they can be a bit light-on (there's only so much you can cover in an hour)
The induction was good (2 days) and short, which is the best. It is much better to learn on the job, and have people (buddies, library staff and secretaries) to go to with questions as they arrive, rather than all in the first days. There are numerous training opportunities, and I have picked up skills such as drafting advice, understanding the regulations better, how to best format documents and deliver client presentations.
Regular training in all areas - including those required for CPD and other areas e.g. wellbeing
The formal training process for junior lawyers needs to be improved to provide specific training for juniors for each practice group. Too many trainings are done via videoconferencing from Sydney. On-the-job training is very good.
Formal training program is great - it is structured around whichever practice group you are in at the time plus regular sessions on core legal skills/knowledge. The training is of an excellent standard.
Weekly training sessions on legal skills, specific areas of legal practice, updates on new developments. Monthly sessions on wellbeing and mental health initiatives.
Vast array of training opportunities available - discipline specific and also related to general skills that are useful for an employee
Training on new areas of law for all members; training to juniors weekly on different concepts; weekly emails of legal updates
Graduate induction training has formal sessions every couple of weeks
Can be helpful but often learning on the job is more effective
The training is generally quite good, mainly for clerks and graduates during their induction program. More specific training to focus on the actual day-to-day tasks of juniors would be the next big improvement.