Justin Chin GSK Graduate Image

Justin Chin

University of Melbourne
Commercial Graduate - 2014 to 2016
Justin studied Masters of Management (Marketing) and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne

Why did you want to work for GSK?

Having completed a Masters in Management (Marketing) as well as a Bachelor of Science, GSK provided me with a unique opportunity to chase my interest in both areas. Furthermore, in working for a global company which provides healthcare for people all over the world, GSK gives me the opportunity to give back and test myself in environments all over the world.

What degree and university are you a graduate from?

Masters of Management (Marketing) and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne.

What type of work do you do?

I have just begun my role in the Multi-Channel Marketing team within GSK. My role in the team is to engage with the various marketing teams and the broader organisation to improve the way digital is integrated into their plans. In addition, I am working with my team to create marketing plans for the new portal for customers.

What was your pathway into the business?

I started my journey with GSK at the University of Melbourne Graduate Careers Fair. After meeting one of the recruiters, I was enthused by the prospect of joining a company like GSK. I then went through the application process of; cover letter/ resume check, video interview, online tests and an assessment centre before securing an offer.

What rotation(s) have you completed so far?

I have completed two rotations as part of the Future leaders Program. The first was in sales where I was able to meet and understand the customer, which has in turn given me a strong customer focus. The second rotation was a role in Vaccines whereby I worked with the brand teams to introduce more digital projects to the directorate and also supported brands which are the backbone of the Australian immunisation program. For my final rotation, I have joined the Multi-Channel Marketing team.

What are the best aspects of being part of the Future Leaders program at GSK?

For me, the best part about the Future Leaders Program is the support that is offered by the organisation. In any company it is important that the organisation really looks out for you as a person and supports your development and skills. Through the Future Leaders Program, I have been surrounded by a strong network of colleagues whom are always there to give advice, share their stories and sometimes just have a beer on a Friday afternoon. By being part of a growing cohort, I am enthused by the ability to gain fresh perspectives from people working in the various areas – from marketing, to manufacturing and government affairs. Finally, I would say that the best aspect of the Future Leaders Program is the potential to take your career anywhere. GSK is such a big organisation and there are so many opportunities all over the world. This isn’t an entry level program; instead it is a fast-track to making the next generation of leaders.

What are some of the challenges of being part of the Future Leaders program at GSK?

The relatively strict regulation of pharmaceuticals makes marketing at times difficult to work through. However, I see this as a great opportunity for a burgeoning marketer to both test and hone their marketing ability.

What advice would you give to students and graduates considering an internship or graduate role at GSK?

Bring your passion and excitement to the organisation! GSK has been a great environment to learn and also meet new people. The opportunity at GSK is a unique one and it really is a training program with a fast-track to the future – not simply an entry level program.

How would you describe the impact of being part of the Future Leaders program at GSK, on your career so far?

For me, the Future Leaders Program has been a fantastic foundation for me to start my career. GSK presents a great opportunity to learn about many aspects of a global organisation. By working through the program, I have been able to gain an understanding of the commercial operations and most importantly learn and take from many leaders attributes which I can use to succeed in my career.