Mason Briner GSK Graduate Image

Mason Briner

Monash University
Engineering Graduate - 2015 to 2017
Mason studied a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering at Monash Univeristy

Why did you want to work for GSK?

I was lucky enough to complete an internship at GSK Port Fairy- giving me my start as a Chemical Engineer. I loved the challenging, committed and supportive work environment that the internship offered and I was eager to continue a career with GSK. This lead me to the graduate program and I’ve been offered wonderful challenges, development opportunities and experiences ever since.

What degree and university are you a graduate from?

I graduated from Monash University in Melbourne, with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Honours.

What type of work do you do?

I have just started my second rotation in a First Line Leader role at the Boronia site. This role will offer me an opportunity to manage a team, coordinate responses to breakdowns and develop continuous improvement plans utilising Glaxo’s production systems.

What was your pathway into the business?

Through my University I applied for a summer internship at GSK. I was lucky enough to be selected by the University and GSK to work at GSK’s Port Fairy opiates facility in a technical support role.

This greatly rewarding internship exposed me to GSK and its global network of operations. From this I have been fortunate enough to begin my career with GSK and embraced the opportunities, challenges and development that have come from it.

How did your IBL year influence your desire to continue with the business in a graduate role?

My IBL experience cemented my passion for Chemical Engineering, troubleshooting and problem solving and exposed me to a group of passionate, highly supportive and critical thinking colleagues.

In particular, my involvement in the investigation and of development of cutting edge medicine extraction and medicine purification technologies, and the commissioning (installation and testing) of new equipment on site were highly memorable.

It is a combination of these experiences, and the personal development and support offered by my managers and colleagues that cemented my desire to work for GSK in a graduate role.

What rotation(s) have you completed so far?

My first rotation offered me the opportunity to work in the production engineering department. During this rotation I delivered process improvement, safety and environmentally underpinned projects to improve the Boronia site’s performance in these areas. These projects included the installation of new equipment, upgrading of existing equipment and troubleshooting.

What are the best aspects of being part of the Future Leaders Program at GSK?

The Future Leaders Program at GSK has greatly fast-tracked my development and opened up possibilities and opportunities that constantly engage and excite me.

I have completed training in leadership, technical process engineering development and personal branding just to name a few. These have all allowed me to rapidly participate in, and contribute to the teams I have worked in.

In addition I spent a week in the UK with graduates in global manufacturing and supply (GMS) getting to know one another, building a network and gaining insights into the business, it’s direction and challenges through the eyes of senior leaders.

All of these experiences and many others are a snapshot of the reasons why I love working at GSK.

What are some of the challenges of being part of the Future Leaders Program at GSK?

The GSK Future Leaders Program has offered the opportunity to set your own development goals, identify your own development opportunities and network, train and be mentored to reach these. This offers wonderful opportunities and progression but also offers a great challenge. In some ways the limitations on your development are your own drive, commitment and development!

What advice would you give to students and graduates considering an internship or graduate role at GSK?

I would say that if you think you’re a good fit and that you like a challenge, learning and to be involved in a great team you should join! Working for GSK offers great opportunities either through the graduate role, an internship or any other entrance pathway.

How would you describe the impact of being part of the Future Leaders Program at GSK, on your career so far?

Being part of the Future Leaders Program has offered me the chance to fast track my learning, challenge myself and work with a wonderful team of people.

The programs support functions and visibility have also meant that I can talk to senior leaders within the business to sound out ideas, understand my progress and development opportunities or simply catch up.

As a result of these factors I think that the program has supported the early development of my career and opened up a world of interesting, challenging and engaging career options into the future with GSK. I’m excited and looking forward to it!