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Corporate Social Responsibility at GlaxoSmithKline

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What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
Cornerstone is Orange Day - every member in the company has a minimum of one day leave to donate to a cause or charity. Big partnership with Save the Children that has lead to many initiatives. Fundamentally the company is committed to Transparency, but also strategically to access to medicines in the developing world. We are leaders in both these areas.
Contribute to global health initiatives and campaigns for example with malaria. Strong partnership raising money for Save the Children.
Volunteering day where the company pays for you to volunteer in an organisation of your team's choosing
GSK supports many charities and there are great opportunities to volunteer.
GSK is committed to CSR. They have Orange Week where there are several activities every day in which workers can partake in to raise money for Save the Children. They also have a system where however much money is raised for Save the Children, they will match it dollar for dollar.
GSK has a strong partnership with Save the Children and we have undertaken many fundraisers throughout the year. Once a year, the employees offer a day to help out the community - for example, my team and I volunteered at an Op-shop, helping to clean out storage and sort and fold clothes.