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Salary at GlaxoSmithKline

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What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
Hard for me to comment beyond the graduate role. It is an entry-level graduate salary.
The pay is good, and interns are not eligible for bonuses, which is understandable. but from what I can see they have a comprehensive bonus scheme in place for regular employees.
Competitive pay rate compared to other graduate roles. Great provisions for bonuses
No bonus opportunities for interns. There are awards interns can receive which add $50-$250 to monthly pay.
The pay for students is very good.
As an intern, you are paid the minimum entry level salary. As good as this salary was, the work you sometimes undertake I believe should be recognised with higher pay and bonuses but unfortunately again does not apply to interns. As for full-time workers, I know bonuses are paid.
As a graduate I have received a competitive salary.
Pay is good for an internship
I had an internship so it wasn't too much money. Unsure about bonuses.
bonus is good, pay may need to be more competitive
The pay is quite good and all interns at GSK are paid the same amount, with superannuation included. There are also opportunities to earn more - if you exceed expectations at work, your manager/co-worker may present you with a Global Employee Recognition Award.
Bonuses are great! Pay is good for an entry level role but not sure about later on.
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
Probably a fair amount of drinks on site and morning teas for socialising. We have a great deck at the office for this with a view of city and surrounds. There are also many free yoga/pilates etc classes on site.
Cheap company products. These include consumer pharmaceutical products. Working in a global environment. The flexible work arrangements.
Daily fruit box Free exercise classes My discounts reward card for cheaper movie tickets and AFL
Company store
Lots of catering gets brought in for internal meetings which is always nice. If you are part of a team that goes to conference, that's always an exciting time too where you're able to stay in a hotel.
Cheap movie tickets, free yoga, pilates, outdoor exercise classes and access to health and fitness advice, information and activities
For our social events I have fortunate to attend fine-dining restaurants, Gold Class Movies as well as inspiring company conferences.
Team dinners out and company events
Opportunity for cheaper tickets to many places such as movies or theme parks.
myDays - employees are able to purchase additional leave with manager approval.
Cheap toothpaste!
Every month there are drinks provided with a themed day at work, employee discounts, team days, team lunches, lots of catering, free chai latte/coffee/milo/tea, professional coffee machines that are free to use
Corporate discounts and team building activities etc.