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Training & Personal Development at GlaxoSmithKline

8.4 rating for Training, based on 21 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Demonstrate a willingness to think a little more creatively when engaging external suppliers for development programmes. The best being an executive coach for a personal branding programme that lasted some time.
Most of the training is done by electronic learning courses as well as teaching's form the manager and past interns. This allows you to practically learn what you need very quickly.
Resilience and MBTI
Lots of online learning modules as well as a genuine want to up-skill employees
Online training courses for each department. Training courses such as online induction, resilience and MBTI personality testing
Training during the first two weeks was intense! There was a variety of reading documents, face to face training and shadowing. My computer skills improved greatly as well as interpersonal skills.
Medicines Australia code training, excel training, resilience programs.
Resilience training - good reminder to focus on all aspects of life to improve productivity and the ability to cope with pressure. Myer Briggs Personality training - interesting concept to be aware of. Excel Training - useful in day-to-day work
Intermediate Excel Training, SAP training, resilience training. I have developed greater problem solving and communication skills.
There were quite a few opportunities such as Nielsen training, eLearning modules and various workshops for internal processes. I never felt as though I wasn't learning.
GSK has had some excellent programs in the past such as MBTI (for teams), Personal Resilience, Management Essentials amongst others.
Excessive at times, included online and in person training Communication skills, excel and database skills , familiarity with processes
There are many training programs offered at GSK such as resilience training (different kinds of energy and how it is applicable in the workplace), Intermediate Excel Training (quick tricks for formulas), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (learning about your personality traits and about how to get along with different personalities), MyLearnings (E.g. How to act in the workplace, WriteRight - how to compose a proper email).
Attended EHS training and there is a lot of training available and also My Learning's for each month to keep us updated and continuously learning.