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A day in the life of…

Graduate Mining Engineer at Ernest Henry Mine, Glencore

James Say graduated from The University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Mining Engineering and Commerce in 2017, and is now a Graduate Mining Engineer at Ernest Henry Mine, Glencore

4.40 am

It’s Saturday morning. The alarm rings and before long I’m making my way into the camp MESS. I reluctantly pass up the hot breakfast and pack crib for the day. I walk out to the carpark and catch my lift into work.

5.25 am

A short 10 minute drive later I arrive at site. I head into the production engineering office and boot up the computer. Quickly check my emails before catching-up with the underground production and operations shiftboss’ to discuss how the last shift went. Nothing too out of the ordinary today, a couple minor issues with our drawpoints that I’ll check later when I go underground.

6.00 am

Back at the office now, coffee in hand. I generate the daily production report for yesterday and update today’s production schedule based on the current conditions.

7.10 am

Daily SafeStart meeting with all of mine technical services. We discuss any safety incidents, today’s tasks and hazards, and any future improvements to safety we can make.

8.00 am

Back at the desk again and I start to make some headway on some drill and blast design. Having recently completed a year of underground crew time, I put my operational experience to the test, ensuring what I am designing and scheduling can be operationally achieved. 

James doing designing and scheduling deskwork

10.30 am

I grab my cap lamp, miners belt and gumboots before heading underground for a couple hours. I find this a great way to break up the day and to validate the design work we do in the office. I first catch up with the production drillers to see how they are tracking, if the job is being performed safely and whether there are any issues. I spend the rest of my underground time looking at future pinch points and anything mentioned by the shiftboss at the start of the day.

James doing underground check

12.30 pm

Lunch time! Same as everyday - fruit salad and a ‘fit everything you can on to it’ sandwich.

1.30 pm

I start making progress on currents projects I have and finish any little jobs that have come up throughout the day. A workmate and I are currently doing a project on the velocity of detonation of our current explosive product. One thing I really enjoy about EHM is that they aren’t afraid to spend the time and resources to develop new ideas.     

4.30 pm

Near the end of the day I make adjustments to the nightshift production plan so that the shiftboss knows what is required in terms of drilling, charging, firing and ore movements.   

5.30 pm

Home time – what better way to end the day than going to the river to enjoy a couple beers with the team.

James with Team- end of day wind down at the river

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