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Diversity at Grant Thornton

8 rating for Diversity, based on 40 reviews
Please provide further information on diversity with respect to women, ethnic minorities and LGBT. Please comment on issues such as recruitment, retention, promotion, child care, maternity leave, etc.
Gender diversity is quite good. Flexible working and parental leave also quite generous. Ethnic diversity is common at lower levels and they are looking to improve this throughout the whole firm
GT has a vision to have a 50-50 ratio with Female-Male employees. Women are highly respected within GT and are always provided with opportunities to grow. Being a male myself (and having 2 females as managers), there is a great deal that I learn off them which I apply to the work I do.
It is a very diverse firm with colleagues that have all sorts of backgrounds and culture. Maternity leave is available for both the men and women and it is the leading firm that provides up to 6 months maternity leave pay.
Our workplace is quite diverse, and our division is pretty equal (men-women) ratio. Unable to comment about other things.
Great maternity leave scheme 'Diversity at Work Now' is an internal GT committee
Diversity very well-catered for. Environment is friendly to all people, however subcultures are apparent.
Diversity is widely promoted here, there are many initiatives enacted by management to promote it.
Pretty great here - no negativity to the LGBTI community. Women are treated fairly. Even men are treated fairly (regarding paternity leave). This is one of GT's greatest aspects.
Large commitment to women and Asian heritage. Industry leader with 6 month paid maternity leave for the primary career (regardless of gender), there is a diversity at work now committee committed to encouraging and emphasising diversity
The team is very diverse. The retention facilities are also really good. The managers and People and Culture team catches up with you to understand your needs and makes you love GT.
Our firm is very open to diversity and holds many initiatives to make people aware of what�s going on and to feel welcome.
In my department, there are a lot more women than men, and we have a range of ethnicities. The company accepts the LGBT community and has excellent paid parental leave and long service leave which can be accessed in less than 10 years.
We now have the best maternity leave within the accounting profession! After a mother who has a child, they are allowed to come back part time.
Very diverse - employee networking groups for almost every aspect of working life including maternity leave, ethnic minorities etc.
Very strong push and support from CEO down.
What does your company do to attract applicants from less privileged backgrounds?
Although I am not aware of what GT has in place for this, I am certain that they take initiative to attract applicants from less privileged backgrounds.
Involved with a number of charities, including White Lion and YWCA
It doesn't discriminate against anyone, anyone is welcome if they pass the interview and assessment process.
I believe they give all an equal opportunity.
Equal playing field for all those who apply
The company has national charities that it supports and local charities within different cities.