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Management at Grant Thornton

7.1 rating for Management, based on 30 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
The managers at Grant Thornton Melbourne's Corporate Tax team are amazingly supportive, both of your career goals and aspirations, but also for your personal circumstances. There has not been a time where I have not felt I can approach one of my managers to discuss issues that I am facing.
Most managers are very approachable and always willing to help. You will be allocated to coach and mentor from day one that will help you with your career goals.
My mentors have been so wonderful.
They're accessible but this is a very fast-paced role. It's easy to fall behind.
Regular catch-ups with counselling managers and partners, plenty of feedback and very open communication with team-members of all levels
Yes, I am satisfied with the Managers, they are very down to earth, easily approachable.
Managers are hit & miss, feedback system is prioritised and is something I like. Internal communication varies but can be unsatisfying as a grad.
There is a big range, some are excellent and supportive and some appear to not care about anyone below them. some are great mentors. internal communication also varies a lot. we have bi-annual performance appraisals for feedback, and must request feedback for each client.
They are suffering under poor culture like the rest of us but they make it a bearable place to work. Perfectly adequate.
So far they are very approachable
They are all very helpful with things that I don�t understand yet and are happy to help pretty much all the time
Some managers are quite disorganised which I struggle with. Work is often provided at the last minute and expected to be completed expediently, not always allowing for enough research/learning.
Very accessible and every graduate is assigned a "coach" to guide them throughout the year and to provide feedback every half year via performance review.
Communication is quite transparent, however office politics is evident