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What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
It would be nice to be more transparent
pay is not great for the first few years
As a graduate, you don't expect much with pay. Instead, you are looking more to grow and expand your knowledge. GT provides a good framework for individuals to learn, and through this, you will earn more money.
All pays and bonuses are quite standard which is understandable for a graduate.
Pay is quite good for graduate level compared to the top tier accounting firms.
No bonuses, however there are adequate and periodic pay rises.
Pay is acceptable but I do expect higher increases at every level of promotion and bonuses based on performance
Pay is broadly in line with market rates, which is reassuring. No bonuses offered within my immediate team, which doesn't bother me.
The starting salary is very disappointing given the amount of study required to get to the position and the stresses you sometimes face as a graduate. This would be ameliorated if, for instance, there was an opportunity to earn a bonus or additional earnings based on performance.
Pay is quite good, I'm definitely happy with what I'm getting, I have heard of places paying much less. Of course like any other person I want more, but that will come with hard work and experience. We don't get paid a bonus, but in turn we get paid well compared to other places and have great benefits, for example, free gym membership, subsidised social events, a kitchen stocked with fruit, cereal and coffee, flexible leave policies and a whole range of other benefits.
For lower levels, pay is as expected for the role. However, the progression past intermediate is not great.
Pay structure subject to change but reliant on performance which is important
The pay is similar to the Big 4. It's reasonable and there are always other opportunities.
Pay is pretty standard for a graduate role in a mid-tier firm
Still at a graduate level- getting the right experience trumps the salary amount.
The pay is a little above the average salary for my position. However it is quite low for a graduate salary when comparing to other industries.
The pay is around the average for an accountant. CA courses and memberships are all paid.
Perhaps a little low, but the other inclusions we get probably make up for it.
Not much room for negotiation as a graduate.
Pay is industry standard but could be improved.
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
One day off every fortnight during the period after July busy season. Social club
Secondment to other offices.
GT has a variety of activities such as team lunches (paid for!), end of month drinks, other social occasions, team wine tours, free gym membership as well as a once off payment for a corporate membership you can use around the world! There are so many advantages at working with GT and the ones I listed are only the beginning!
Study leave, free gym membership, free Tuesday breakfast, free fruit bowls, monthly firm drinks, monthly team morning teas, sports day.
In busy season, we get free meals every night and mileage claim in audit since we always drive out to clients. They also pay for your taxi ride back home if you stay late to work and did not drive.
Gym membership, social club benefits, free breakfast
Free attendance for yourself and partners at the mid-year ball which is a black tie event. At most other firms, staff are required to pay for themselves
Free gym membership, coffee machine in the kitchen, cereal and fruit, good leave policies, discounted health insurance, employee referral program, opportunities to work around the world, time off for charitable work, pay for professional membership, study leave and CA support.
Gym membership, a social club which organises fun and exciting events.
Discounts with certain retailers, Christmas vouchers, free team meals
Team and firm events, audit planning day (a day after busy season for the team to go out, play some sports and eat), secondment opportunities, CA study support.
Free gym membership. I aim to gym every day and at times with the hours, it becomes too difficult to gym at night especially living so far away. I truly appreciate being able to gym at lunch.
Free breakfast, client reimbursements, free gym membership
Ministry of Fun provides good entertainment outside of work.
Free gym, 4 free long weekends after busy season (rewarding you day), social club provides discounted/free entertainment!