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Training & Personal Development at Grant Thornton

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Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Consistent technical and soft skills training for all aspects of accounting and audit. Training is compulsory so it has priority
Nearly all of my training is on the job. Through the different projects I take part in, there is an effective structure for me to build on the skills I have adopted from my previous project.
Online trainings are always available, regular face to face trainings are in place. On the job training is always on and that's where most of the skills are picked up. Each level also has their own trainings every half year.
We get technical training modules we need to complete online, and there has also been numerous sessions over the year that were face to face and delivered by the HR managers from the different offices. We also got sent on a graduate conference in Sydney for a week. Learnt organisational skills, how to build a personal brand, and the skills we needed to do our job properly.
Mixture of e-learning and face to face sessions.
Internal technical training has broadly improved my understanding of a number of issues
Training programs are well designed, but are often held when staff are away from the office, hence cannot attend. Rather than technical training being 'classroom' based, I think it would be better to send out activities to work through at your own pace.
We have monthly training with an external provider. There are regular e-learning modules more focused around policies etc. A lot of training is informal and done when you might ask questions about a job and someone will explain things to you.
Training near the beginning was a junkfest of cramming information that could not possibly be retained, which was much less useful than learning less and perfecting the most basic & important knowledge. Most learning is done on the job through the various teams.
There is a lot of training provided covering a range of technical and soft skills that are relevant to work
We have a basic tax training every Tuesday morning. There are occasional bigger training hosted by other institutes and we will be doing CTA next year.
There is a good mix of online training and group training sessions. I've learnt so much about audit during the past year.
There are many ways training is provided- from formal (online and face-to-face) to on-the-job training.
I attended the grad conference which helped reinforce some of my skills and help develop others. We have regular internal training programmes that are both technical and non-technical.
We have training sessions regularly regarding standards. Specific training for your level is held once a year- where you learn how to do audit cycles.
They pay for us to complete the Chartered Accountants program. We also have monthly tax training and professional development days.
Informal training is excellent. Formal training is average at best. Often delivered too late or in a poor format.