Working Hours at Grant Thornton

How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?

Flexible working policy across all levels, hours can be negotiated subject to the requirements of the client
Graduate, Sydney
Usually, 8:30-5 are the working hours. There are times where you need to stay back and finish a couple of things off, however you are likely to leave by 5:30, there are always others around with you and others will always offer to help before the go home. GT is extremely flexible with working hours. As everyone is approachable, you can always arrange a flexible working week (given that you have a genuine reason of course!)
Graduate, Melbourne
The hours are quite flexible when it's not during busy season and we have the options to work from home if required.
Graduate, Brisbane
As a graduate during busy season, July - October, we worked around 50-60 hours per week including weekends. Sometimes I have had to sacrifice my activities and social events to meet deadlines or last minute requests. They are flexible in the off season when you need to go home early or take leave to make up for the hours worked in busy season.
Graduate, Perth
Finish at 5:30 during quiet periods, 8:00 during busy periods, 6:30 most days. Very flexible in terms of hours and ability to work from home
Midlevel, Sydney
Standard office hours are 8.45 - 5.15. I generally get to work about 8.30 and leave around 5.30. Any overtime you may need to occasionally do however is never 'forced' on you as an expectation. Where I have done it in the past, I have the made the decision to do so where I want to get a piece of work out. GT has 'flexible working arrangements' meaning you are always able to work from home if need be after hours etc.
Graduate, ADELAIDE
Work hours are flexible, however you must work a certain number of hours per week. Also expectations of 'how long' to work is much lower, focusing on quality of work rather than time spent.
Graduate, Sydney
Each day you have to bill 7 and a half hours whether that be to internal divisions or external clients. It isn't an often occurrence where you will find it necessary to stay back late or do extensive hours, and even with that it is entirely up to you. At times things do need to be done and may require you to stay late, but the only reason I do it is to not leave the rest of the team high and dry and meet or exceed client expectations. No one is staring over your shoulder to make sure you're always working because it's up to you to make up your time you've fallen short, and the only reason you fall short is because you haven't been working. Some people take an extended lunch to go to the gym, so they'll come in a bit early or stay a bit late to make up that time.
Graduate, Sydney
Relatively, depends on who you work with. For the most part, work that could be done more efficiently at home was allowed to be done at home, which was great in both time/cost saving. Work hours vary, depending on the time of the year. Be expected to work overtime during busy season.
Graduate, Sydney
GT is very flexible. If required you can work from home as well. They never push you to stay back, but as a graduate I love the work I do and I personally like to stay back till about 7pm sometimes and it is always a pleasure to be around such a fun loving team. There is always plenty of work to do but in saying so, you will never get bored. Some of my colleagues work two days from home and one person goes to play netball during lunch time and takes an extended break. We have the platinum gym membership downstairs at Fitness First. It's amazing.
Graduate, Sydney
In busy season, the hours can get a bit overwhelming. But it is balanced with days off during the quieter months.
Graduate, Sydney
Work hours can be tough in audit to try and meet deadlines. There is overtime during busy season but the team is also quite flexible on times outside of this- e.g. when it's not as busy, the team gets extra leave.
Graduate, Brisbane
I work 37.5 hours a week on a full-time basis. The company is flexible with hours as many staff work on a part-time basis.
Graduate, Cairns
My company is very flexible when it comes to what hours you work as long as it is the set 7.5 per day. However, during busy season we do work long hours and sometimes this leads to you having no work/life balance.
Graduate, Adelaide
It’s on average 40-50 hour weeks, maybe 60 during busy season.
Graduate, Melbourne
We recently introduced flexible working hours - so extremely flexible!
Midlevel, Adelaide
Very flexible - Flex Appeal options available.
Graduate, Sydney
Due to the amount of work won, work has been fairly busy.
Graduate, Melbourne
We have flexi-hours which mean you can work less hours in a day but make it up later in the evening. Less busy times also allow you to leave early as long as all work is complete. We also have rewarding you days which mean we receive 4 long weekends that don't come out of our annual leave after busy season!
Experienced, Sydney
Able to get to commitments outside of work, however time is often required well outside of work hours.
Midlevel, Melbourne
very flexible, mainly work 9-5 at this stage with some additional hours here and there if needed
Graduate, Melbourne