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Working Hours at Grant Thornton

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
The Grant Thornton Melbourne Corporate Tax team is very flexible with the number of hours worked, as well as where they are worked. Often, members of the team will work off-site, or from home, which allows for a very flexible work-life balance.
The company offers good flexible working arrangements. However, during busy season you are expected to work long hours due to the demand of our clients.
37.5 'Normal' hours Seniors are expected to work the most, grads will be expected to pull their weight and this can range from 40-100 hours, just keep in mind, if you're on a complicated job, you will work big hours no matter your role.
During Busy Season there is an expectation in Audit that you will work overtime, however you are compensated through time in lieu policies for your efforts during busy season. - Grant Thornton has flexible working arrangements outside of the busy reporting seasons. This enables you to split your full time hours into a condensed week, work from home on certain days, come into work later and stay back later. Grant Thornton has a strong focus on providing its employees with flexible working arrangements.
Plenty of flexibility with work hours, however a little more restricted during the busy period
This job offers flexibility for me to work from home if need to be. I also am able to discuss with the Manager and agree on deadline for my work to make sure that I don't work outside of Business Hours.
Pretty, general 830 to 430 but pretty flexible as long as you communicate
Flexible but generally 8.30 am to 5 pm
Lots of weekend and overtime. If you have a day off people continue to contact you.
They stress flexi-time, yet get mad when you use it and come early and leave early.
There is apparent flexibility but not so much for grads. you are expected to stay as late as the manager, which is often quite late.
I've had weeks where I'm expected to work well above and beyond the required hours to get a job over the line, I've also done lots of nights and weekends from home.
The company is quite flexible when it comes to hours if you have things on, but you can also end up working a lot of extra hours in busy times
Very Flexible, they let you start and finish whenever suits usually
Company is flexible, but extra hours are expected - whether in the office or working from home
Standard 38 hour week generally (7.5 hour days). Busy season the expectation is more hours per week.
Working hours are rough during the two busy seasons (Jan - Apr and Jun-Oct), where it is common to work 60 hours a week of pure billable work (Not including admin time, which can easily add up to an additional 5 hours a week). Staff are only offered up to 3 days of TIL to cover for the overtime worked, however the amount of time spent working overtime easily exceeds this. Also working hours are not 'flexible', unlike many other firms. All employees are expected to commence work from 8:45 onwards, regardless of what time an employee may have finished working the night before (it is common to work late at night, in particular busy season).