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Office & Workplace at Grant Thornton

8 rating for Workplace, based on 40 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Good space, great facilities including a shower/changeroom. Dress code is business professional and casual Fridays
Being on one of the top levels of the Rialto with a view of the city, you can't complain! Due to being heavily client based, professional attire is quite important throughout the day. However, casual Fridays is something everyone looks forward to!
Right in the CBD close to all transportation, new building with open plan plus internal stairs, well furnished and each has their own desk. Shower rooms and kitchen provided and a great view. Dress code is standard with some days allowing casual wear.
Office space is sufficient for mid-tier firm, location is opposite Kings Park. Dress code is formal business wear but there is no need for heels, but casual outfits on Friday.
Excellent location, nice views, business dress code except for casual Fridays
Just moved to new activity based working office in the city with brand new facilities.
Office space is nice. Hotdesking is not for everyone though, and at times there is not enough space for everyone to have a desk. Dress code is professional with casual Fridays, which adds to the fun environment.
It's located in the CBD, offices are clean and not crammed. Kitchens are always clean and stocked. Dress code is quite good, standard business attire with people just doing that extra bit when they're meeting up with a client.
Overall, not too bad. Decent kitchen, workspaces are spacious. Bit of green to lively up the place. However, some of the double screens need updating. If the hardware were up to date, would be quite a great workplace. Additionally, there could be a little more colour and greenery.
Office location in Sydney CBD, facilities are appropriate - hot desks, open floor plan. Dress code is business casual with smart casual on friday's
Beautiful location, amazing view from my desk, spacious and highly innovative.
Committed to providing a high standard of office space in good locations. Business dress is standard, but not too strict. Showing your personality through colour or accessories is welcomed. Every friday is dress-down casual wear.
The office is very new and clean. The open office plan allows the team to work together and creates a 'no-barrier' atmosphere- the managers and partners all sit amongst us. Dress code is business attire but there is smart casual Fridays if you are in the office and do not need to meet with clients.
The company's office space is in one of the best locations in the city. The dress code is business casual - so no suit and ties.
The office is located in CBD. We have flexible working stations so you will get to know all the colleagues within the office, not just those in your division. It is very bright and well laid out. We even have a well-being room where you can go to take a nap if you need.
Great! We just moved into the Adelaide CBD to a new office and it is an amazing set up. We now have activity based working. Dress code is business.
Generally a clean and spacious office - clean and up-to-date facilities. Dress codes is business professional however there are smart casual Fridays.
Location and view is amazing. However office is run down and often messy. Dress code is suit with no tie.
Office space = nice, location = great, facilities = nice but we need better chairs. dress code is casual business
location is great but layout and facilities could be improved and desk chairs