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Culture at GSK

8.8 rating for Culture, based on 32 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Although there is a defined structure everyone is very approachable and feedback is welcomed. Many social activities are planned both in and out of work hours
Intern, Melbourne
The Feel Good committee provided opportunities to get involved in activities with people from different departments which was good.
Intern, Melbourne
GSK Australia, Abbotsford is an excellent office to work in and you are surrounded by passionate, outgoing, kind and intelligent people. Working in healthcare, people are typically very caring in nature, which I believe to be true of GSK. There are plenty of opportunities to go out and socialise, such as team lunches, "directorate days," office and cultural celebration days.
Intern, Melbourne
GSK has fantastic culture, anytime you see the executives playing table tennis with the interns you know they are doing something right
Intern, Melbourne
The team has a great bond and cohesion. Every morning when I walk into the office, people are smiling and laughing, led by the leadership shown both in the medical and commercial sector in vaccines.
Intern, Melbourne (Abbotsford)
A lot of management not much communication. The team are very nice. Very good friends.
Graduate, Melbourne
High work life balance, great connections and authenticity amongst people. Very flat structure with lots of working within the matrix, and by need high levels of cooperation and teamwork. Great 'people' leaders across the organisation. Can sometimes be process driven and inflexible or lacking innovation.
After work socialising is very strong, especially amongst all of the other interns. Because the company has a large intern program there are plenty of people to meet and be friends with. Within the office it is a very professional corporate environment, with a friendly laid back feel to it.
Intern, Melbourne
A social and friendly environment, with great communication both between and within teams.
Graduate, Melbourne
GSK's culture is very much like a close knit family. Everyone is expected to work hard and go beyond expectations to deliver results however there are a lot of rewards such as social activities as well. The environment in the office is very supportive and you can always approach others for help.
Intern, Melbourne
Although the people work very hard, the culture is still quite relaxed. The structure and hierarchy is quite complex but everyone is open to listening to another person's ideas. Cooperation and teamwork is great. There isn't as much socialising after hours, occasionally there are work drinks/catering.
Intern, Abbotsford
Structure is great, everyone is treated at an equal level and there is no obvious hierarchy. This adds to the amazing culture in which too is very positive all the time and employees are all very friendly. My team worked extremely well with one another and were able to get a long in a social sense too. It Is not a strict workplace, getting up and about and talking to others is encouraged which is great.
Intern, Melbourne
In hours the office is a hot desk office so people move around in different places talking to different colleagues. Each team has a manager however they are very approachable. Teamwork is heavily encouraged in teams as well as amongst teams.
Graduate, Melbourne
It is open environment where everyone is encouraged to work together. There could be more cross-functional projects. Many opportunities for socialising amongst colleagues.
Midlevel, Melbourne
The company has a relatively flat hierarchy where all employees� ideas for improvement are encouraged and respected. GSK has a highly cooperative, teamwork focused culture. There are regular social events held throughout the year.
Graduate, Auckland
Changed while I was there for the worst and is changing back again. Moving towards open, friendly, supportive and with very little hierarchy
Intern, Sydney
Non-existent hierarchy with an ability to socialise and network on a daily basis.
Entry level, Sydney
Great corporate culture, very flat hierarchy, work well as a team, able to socialise in and outside of work, no power distance
Graduate, Melbourne
Everyone has always been kind and accepting of others. There is no clique-y culture wherein everyone joins in their own social groups of their own choosing and then snub all others who wish to join in.
Intern, Sydney
Good company culture, people can both work hard to deliver results and relax at lunch or after work with each other. Overall people are welcoming and willing to work collaboratively to meet deadline and achieve goals.
Graduate, Melbourne