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Management at GSK

8.4 rating for Management, based on 28 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
I had three managers and were fantastic!
Intern, Melbourne
My mentors and manager were amazing throughout the year. They were able to provide me with constant feedback, as well as provide me with support whenever I needed it
Intern, Melbourne (Abbotsford)
Generally yes I really like my management team. When they are in the office. There is not much time to learn from them.
Graduate, Melbourne
Open plan office so very approachable and friendly. Depending on the individual offer mentorship proactively or reactively. Very good internal communication (open and transparent) and a well-defined and embedded feedback and recognition model.
I find that the managers that I want to make contact with, definitely make themselves available to me and are willing to take the time to help you with what you need.
Intern, Melbourne
Good team with great manager and mentor to ensure im getting the best learning and development during my time
Intern, Abbotsford
Extremely accessible. They want to sit down with you and chat through things. Graduates are also assigned a mentor who work with and support them through the whole program
Graduate, Melbourne
Manager are focused on interns development. Personal development plan is set up at beginning of year identifying goals for the year. Regular meetings with manager to discuss process.
Intern, Melbourne
My manager was often in meetings so I would need to arrange time to meet up if I wanted to. Praise and recognition was done every week during the stand-up meeting
Intern, Abbotsford
Managers are friendly and always accessible. They are not secluded from the area you're in and are always about. They're easy to just walk up to and ask questions. Recognition is always given at weekly meetings where everyone is encouraged to recognise one another.
Intern, Melbourne
Quite accessible. They make good mentors as they focus on career development.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Generally managers are very accessible and are good mentors.
Graduate, Auckland
Lower level management are very accessible, but higher level management are less so. However they do try to be more accessible however time constraints occasionally does not allow.
Intern, Sydney
Overall I think that the leadership team interacts with the rest of the organisation well and people are recognised for their contributions informally or through the employee recognition program (cash awards)
Graduate, Melbourne
Good mentors, understanding
Intern, Melbourne
very accessible and open up to the leadership team
The managers at GSK are always so encouraging and are happy to provide you with guidance and give you opportunities to grow and develop different skills.
Intern, Melbourne
Very accessible and supportive!
Graduate, Ermington