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Application Process & Interviews at GSK

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
Pretty rigorous. Consisted of: Resume, application form (detailed), psychometric testing, phone interview, assessment centre day (behavioural interview, group activities and presentation) and reference checking.
Initially there is a video interview. If you make it passed that then there is an assessment centre and individual interviews.
Video interview, Group assessment, one on two interview
Online Application Phone Interview Assessment day centre with presentation, 1:2 interview and group activity
There was a quick phone screening. The assessment day was composed of three parts: a 5 minute presentation, group assessment and individual interviews.
As an intern (co-op IBL) the process was online with a resume to be sent over online. If chosen, the next step was a webcam interview where questions pop up on the screen and you answer them- whilst recording a video of yourself doing so. If successful, a call will be made to you to come in for an assessment centre where you're up against many others; activities included a 5 minute speech, group activity and a one on one interview.
Rigorous process: presentation, 30 minute behavioural interview, group assessment
The interview process consisted of C.V screening, psychometric testing, video interview, assessed presentation and behavioural interview.
Assessment centre for a half day and an interview followed by a second round interview
There was a video interview, and then an assessment centre. In the assessment centre we had to do a presentation in front of everyone, then a group interview and finally a one on one interview.
For the IBL program: Application (CV and Cover Letter, Phone Interview, Assessment Centre with 1:1, presentation, written exercise and group activity. For FLP program: Application (CV, Cover Letter and Q&A responses), 1 way video interview, online testing and Assessment Centre with 1:1 interview, presentation, case study and 2 group activities.
Online application which included a cover letter and resume, telephone interview, assessment centre, which included a group activity and individual assessment and then a final interview with the line manager.
The interview process started out with a resume and cover letter submission to the recruitment team. Within the next week, you will receive an email with a link for an online video interview. After a few days, you will receive a confirmation to come to the Assessment Centre at the GSK head office. From there, you will be asked to give a 5 minute presentation about any topic, participate in a group activity, and an individual interview. Shortly after the Assessment Centre, you will be notified via a phone call whether you have succeeded with getting the position.
Application form, online assessments, video interview and full day assessment centre on site.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Standard behavioural questions that aligned to GSK ways of working + motivational questions aimed at uncovering values.
Classic behavioural interview questions such as: Can you tell me about a time that you had to overcome adversity at work or in a group environment.
A range of questions using the STAR format. They focused on adaptability, leadership opportunity and interpersonal skills.
Generic questions such as 'tell us about yourself', 'why do you want to work here', strengths/weaknesses. Then situational questions which needed to be answered in a STAR format.
Behavioural questions, providing examples of when you have had to do certain things at a certain point in time and how you overcame challenges to get the result you wanted/needed.
Asked to give examples of times when you have demonstrated certain qualities e.g. leadership, teamwork etc...
Motivational, career aspirations, behavioural and technical questions.
There were questions about previous work experience as well as behavioural interview questions.
Behavioural style questions which focussed on the GSK Expectations.
Why do you want to work for GSK? What behaviours do you exhibit that will be beneficial to the job?
Why did you choose GSK / apply for the particular position / and behavioural questions
Behavioural based and technical questions - basic things like PID's and powder flow and reaction/reactor basics.
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
GSK places a high emphasis on being a people person (EQ) and the ability to work and influence those around you to achieve goals. Focus on ways you have been able to drive teams behind a vision or work across boundaries to deliver. The values are Transparency, Respect for people, Integrity and Patient focus. They are meaningful at GSK.
Learn about the company and what they do. This is very important!! Also have some examples ready to answer the interviewer�s questions with.
Be yourself and back your abilities
Be open to exploring opportunities with different departments
For the 5 minute speech, pick a topic that you're passionate about. Don't be afraid to speak up during the group assessment. Practice answering questions in the STAR format. You are being assessed for the entire day, not just during the actual assessment period.
Have confidence in what you are saying, especially when answering any questions.
Prepare specific examples from previous employment or university to demonstrate behaviours such as teamwork, leadership.
Research the company thoroughly and to think of examples of when you have demonstrated specific skills.
Relax. Be honest. Think laterally and don�t be afraid to say I don�t know but I would work it out in this way
Be yourself - Don't stress - Show your passion
No specific advice other than to prepare well for the interview & research the company.
Think of good examples to use for typical behavioural questions, look into the GSK Expectations and company values to ensure they align to your own, speak with anyone you know at the company.
Research the company Know what you have done and how it exemplifies a general skill you have
Be enthusiastic but don't be fake, do your research before your video interview, when applying for positions that require you to be proficient in Excel, ensure that you are prepared/brush up on formulas before your interview.
To apply and give it a go because overall it is still a challenging but great process. Just know the company well and make sure you are or demonstrate passion and enthusiasm. Be prepared by having plenty of examples from your previous work roles and also demonstrate that you are an all-rounder with the ability to socialise and be involved in activities outside of work, network and also do the tasks required.