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Working Hours at GSK

8 rating for Working Hours, based on 28 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Working with your manager work hours can be very flexible as long as you fulfil your required time
Intern, Melbourne
Very flexible working hours, of course followed by a discussion with your manager. I could work from home once a week and
Intern, Melbourne
36 hours per week, 9-5 Mon-Thurs, 9-4 Friday
Intern, Melbourne
My team was very flexible with work hours, which was fantastic. I would love to see GSK offer more part time opportunities though for students wanting to remain in the pharma industry while studying.
Intern, Melbourne (Abbotsford)
Very flexible.
Graduate, Melbourne
There are times when I feel motivated to work harder and deliver above what would be expected. Ultimately I don't feel pressure to go beyond though at all. They take a pragmatically flexible approach and will always look to work towards a mutual win.
The company is very flexible with their work hours. Obviously it comes down to the individual manager. But as long as you do the 36 odd hours a week and get your work done, it doesn't really matter what times you come and go.
Intern, Melbourne
Flexible and understanding.
Graduate, Melbourne
Work hours are generally 9am-5pm however most departments are happy if you want to start a little earlier or later. Company is generally flexible if you have an appointment as well.
Intern, Melbourne
I had the standard 9-5 work hours. The company really does cater to the employees needs e.g. working until 1:30 so that school pick-ups can be done, working from home is someone at home is sick, taking time off in lieu.
Intern, Abbotsford
This job is fulltime- 9-5, 5 days a week. However it was very flexible in terms of that if you came in earlier, you could leave earlier. Understandably there are occasions where you need to leave the office at earlier times for appointments and emergencies, and it does not get questioned which is great- you are able to do so.
Intern, Melbourne
9-5 sometimes 8-4
Midlevel, Melbourne
The company is very flexible on the times you start and finish work. Working from home is also allowed on occasion if it helps to achieve a work-life balance.
Graduate, Auckland
Very flexible. Hours vary with the work: my worst day was 7-7 but generally was 8:30-5:15
Intern, Sydney
Company can be flexible with work hours as long as all work is completed.
Intern, Sydney
Very flexible, able to WFH when needed
Entry level, Sydney
Has to be at least 8 hours a day. Of course you can work from home occasionally.
Intern, Sydney
Very flexible, I was able to work full time hours and complete my undergraduate degree.
Graduate, Melbourne
employees can come anytime between 7-9AM
Previously, 8.30 - 5.15. Now, 7.45 - 5.15.
Graduate, Singapore