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Henry Davis York

  • 100 - 500 employees

Office & Workplace at Henry Davis York

7.5 rating for Workplace, based on 22 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
We are located in a heritage building on Martin Place. The location is incredibly convenient. We also have access to the roof top.
Graduate, Sydney
Shared-office arrangements are in place for the firm. Each office typically has a senior associate and graduate or junior lawyer in it. This is an excellent arrangement for both lawyers as the SA is able to delegate work to the grad/junior directly and the grad/junior has a senior lawyer to assist them if need be. The location is extremely convenient and close to transport. It is in a central location, close to many other law firms and blue-chip clients. The facilities are standard office facilities, with the exception of the roof top bar and garden which is quite unique. Staff drinks are typically held on the roof top bar. The dress code is formal office attire from Monday to Thursday. For guys, a suit is absolutely essential, though a tie is not (unless going to an external meeting or to court). On Fridays, smart casual wear is permitted, provided that one is not going to an external meeting or to court.
Midlevel, Sydney
Offices, location and facilities are fantastic.
Graduate, Sydney
Dress code - business attire. Office space and location - great. Convenient.
Midlevel, Sydney